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Linear TV has unmatched audience scale

And viewing time is increasing.

Despite the industry’s interest in streaming and on-demand video, linear TV still dominates Americans’ time spent viewing and is on the rise according to the July 2018 report from Nielsen.

The report found that adults spent a total of 5 hours and 57 minutes watching video during the first quarter. That’s up from 5:46 in the Q4 and 5:27 in Q3.

Advocado helps Media Companies introduce innovation and precision into linear TV advertising by connecting it to advertisers' digital campaigns.


Introduce your advertisers new solutions powered by Advocado Activate, and increase the impact broadcast TV campaigns can deliver.

Before Advocado, there was no way to surgically adjust digital campaigns with perfect timing to TV commercials running in real-time with local market precision or national scale. 

Advocado makes it possible for you to offer new advertising solutions that connect with consumers during the precise moment when they want to know, go, do, or buy. 

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Connect Linear TV Scalability

Offer the only solution that complements TV's scalability to drive search engagement in real-time. Stop the TV vs. Digital buying battle and show the connectivity between the two.

Maximize Budget for the Right Moments -

We perfectly time the start and stop of search keyword bid adjustments at the exact micro-moment a viewer engages with a TV ad, to maximize targeted engagement while preserving overall campaign strategy.

Know What's Working in Real-Time

Change the creatives, programs, networks, days or dayparts after analyzing what’s driving engagement after the tv spot was activated and Google Ads were engaged.

Create a Longtime Partnership With Your Advertiser

Retain your advertisers by offering innovative solutions and adding products that quantify and increase the value of advertising channels.

Bottom Line

Offer the ultimate companion to Linear TV - the connector to digital campaigns. 

With Advocado’s Solutions for Media Companies, you can offer new cross-channel advertising solutions that delivers increased campaign performance while increasing budget share. You can feel confident integrating a revolutionary technology to complement linear TV. 

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Let's connect your TV and digital advertising. 

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