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Every advertising dollar must be maximized

According to Chief Marketer, "Not too long ago, marketing was fueled exclusively by creative strategy and branding. Today, CMOs are charged with driving growth across the entire organization, from revenue and brand reputation to innovation and customer retention to advocacy, product development and everything in between. Most importantly, the CMO owns the customer experience."

Advocado helps you unleash the power of broadcast TV combined with digital

Advertising Efforts must connect

End the battle of TV vs. digital and maximize your advertising.

Before Advocado, there was no way for you to surgically adjust cross-screen campaigns with perfect timing to TV commercials running in real-time with local market precision or national scale. 

Advocado makes it possible for you to connect with consumers during that precise moment when they want to know, go, do, or buy. 

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Maximize Scalability

210 local markets powered by Advocado.

Capitalize on Micro-moments

We perfectly time the start and stop of keyword bid adjustments at the exact micro-moment a viewer engages with a TV ad, to maximize targeted engagement while preserving overall campaign strategy.

Adjust Campaigns in Real-time

Know what's working by reviewing real-time explicit and implicit attribution reports to track digital engagement driven from TV.

Work Towards Company Growth Goals

By using Advocado Solutions,  you are able to utilize the scalability of tv and precision of digital to engage with your targeted audience.

Own the Bottom Line

We help you increase and quantify the value of your cross-screen advertising efforts.

You know that moment when you’re watching a TV commercial and decide to pick up your phone to search or learn more? Advocado makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during that precise moment when you want to know, go, do, or buy. We are transforming TV into a real-time bidding engine for search. Advocado helps brands quantify and increase the value of their advertising. Our patented platform ends the battle of TV vs. digital and enables brands to optimize omni-channel marketing.

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Let's connect and improve TV and digital advertising. 

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