Get unprecedented visibility into the consumer's journey to your website

This subscription service is tailored for you, and includes easy one-time onboarding. We’ll provide actionable insights that will help you make your dollars work even better. Advocado Vision is built to provide insights into the consumer journey every step of the way. Evaluate individual station performance, TV’s impact on paid search, key lead sources of traffic to your website, and much more.

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Easy, same-day onboarding

Your Customer Success specialist will help you get set up in a snap.

Monthly reports on the schedule you choose

Choose the date each month you want your Advocado Vision reporting.

No cookies or PII

Our proprietary platform produces data that proves our impact, provides actionable insights and shows ROI, all without cookies or privacy-invasive personal data collection.

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One-time $250 setup fee that includes:

  • Watermarking of up to two TV commercials any time during the subscription period  - a $100 value
  • Connection to your Google Ads account
  • Proprietary website tracking tag

12-month subscription with monthly reports delivered on a schedule you choose

  • $499 per month, billed monthly
  • $4999, billed annually - a savings of $1000!

Our Customer Success team delivers an easy, same-day onboarding experience

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Our patented digital watermark is applied to your TV commercials - no need to send your post-logs Advocado receives read-only access to your Google Ads account Our proprietary tracking tag is installed on your website


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