Traaqr Launches Publicly at TechCrunch Disrupt with First Fully-automated Online to Offline Call Tracking, Attribution and Ad Optimization Platform

By Andrea Riggs on Sep 19, 2017 12:00:00 PM |


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Traaqr (pronounced tracker) announced today the public release of the first fully-automated platform to track online to offline call conversions with the same precision and ease as an e-commerce transaction for businesses of all sizes. Traaqr’s technology seamlessly tracks calls, leads and even sales and takes this data and uploads it to ad platforms (like AdWords) to dynamically teach these platforms which clicks not only drive calls but which clicks drive the most profitable sales.

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“Businesses and their agencies have been forced to fly blind, when it comes to online to offline conversions, for years; this was unacceptable to us,” said Brian Handrigan, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Traaqr. “We knew there had to be a way to solve this problem, and with 20+ years experience in digital agencies, we had the ability to solve it. We also knew we had to deliver a platform that was transparent to the users and connect the data without requiring changes in workflow.”

Traaqr now becomes publicly after a successful Beta period during which the platform:

  • Connected over 90,000 phone calls;
  • Tracked over 500,000 web visitors;
  • Optimized over $878,000 in Adwords spend;
  • and, Recorded over $3,000,000 in conversion value.

“The results of our largest Beta user have exceeded our expectations,” said Jeff Linihan, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Traaqr. “They experienced a 34 percent reduction in monthly advertising costs while increasing monthly sales by as much as 53.7 percent.”

Closing the loop between on online and offline conversion tracking that increases sales and reduces costs, Traaqr is a problem-solving tool– designed for agencies and advertisers that need to know more than which clicks resulted in a call. Rather, it allows companies to know which clicks result in leads and/or sales and how to find more of them for less money. And to make the process seamless, Traaqr integrates with the leading CRM, Web Analytics, and Online Ad Platforms.

Traaqr is available now at Monthly subscriptions start at $39/ month with no long-term contracts.

About Traaqr

Traaqr is the first closed-loop, fully automated online to offline attribution & conversion tracking platform offering revenue-based analytics and continuous optimization. Ultimately, Traaqr empowers all online advertisers that convert sales offline to better understand the entire customer journey and apply that data to make more informed online advertising decisions by capturing unprecedented, actionable analytics from click to call to conversion. Traaqr is headquarted in St. Louis, MO. For more information see


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