Advocado Unveils TraaqrSMB, the First and Only Fully Automated Click-to-Call, Conversion-Level Tracking Service for Small Businesses

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Traaqr’s call tracking software helps small companies bridge the gap between online clicks and offline conversions – at a fraction of the cost of competitive options

Boston – (September 4, 2018) – At the HubSpot INBOUND 2018 conference, Advocado today unveiled TraaqrSMB, the marketing industry’s first and only fully automated click-to-call, conversion-level tracking service for small businesses and their agencies. TraaqrSMB uses an innovative, value-based pricing model and patent-pending technology to help companies with 500,000 monthly web visitors or less tie online ad campaigns to the offline conversions they drive, providing click-level ad attribution. A demo of TraaqrSMB deployed on the HubSpot platform is available here.

Digital channels drive 92 percent of calls to businesses*, and with 70 percent of mobile searches resulting in a call, annual call volume is expected to grow to 162 billion annually by 2019,** making digital-to-offline attribution more important for marketers than ever before. The TraaqrSMB product suite captures every step of a customer’s journey through the sales process, from attributing how they first discovered a product or service, to the eventual result of the call, and everything in between.

“Since implementing Traaqr-based call tracking, Wellex Healthcare has saved over $1 million in Google Ads expenses, and achieved a 5X increase in annual revenue,” said Shannon Shores, CEO of Wellex Healthcare, a TraaqrSMB customer.

TraaqrSMB benefits include:

  • For marketers: Because Traaqr collects data at the click level, marketers know exactly what ads and keywords are generating sales. TraaqrSMB also tracks and automatically uploads offline conversions to online ad platforms, improving ad rank and enabling ad platforms to “learn” what ads and audiences are most likely to lead to sales.
  • For sales agents: Traaqr collects valuable visitor-level data such as location and web pages visited, so sales agents can immediately address a caller’s needs and don’t have to waste time asking leads annoying qualifying questions.
  • TraaqrSMB integrates with the leading CRM, analytics and ad platforms, including HubSpot, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing ads, Microsoft Dynamics365, Zoho and Google Analytics, to make sure data flows seamlessly and accurately.
  • For small companies that don’t use a CRM, TraaqrSMB has a built-in mini CRM and post-call whisper interview capability, to enable easier tracking and reporting of what clicks are driving the sales of what product or service.
  • Advocado makes TraaqrSMB affordable for small businesses by providing the base call tracking component of TraaqrSMB for free, with a BYOT (bring your own telephony) model. For example, a leading call tracking company charges $120 per month for a plan with 20 local phone numbers and 2000 local call minutes. Under the TraaqrSMB Freemium Plan, the same numbers and call minutes would cost less than $25 – an 80 percent savings.
  • To make this possible, Advocado has partnered with leading programmatic telephony companies to provide telephony services to TraaqrSMB customers at discounted rates.

“TraaqrSMB helps businesses of all sizes make better marketing decisions through actionable analytics. Companies can see what marketing spend is generating what offline revenue, via visitor-level data and automated ad platform ‘training’ that has previously only been available to the tech giants, and using an innovative, value-based pricing model,” said Brian Handrigan, CEO of Advocado.

About Advocado

Built by marketers for marketers, Advocado empowers advertisers to connect the dots between their broadcast and digital campaigns, even when sales happen over the phone. Advocado provides granular, visitor-level data about which ads are leading to sales for advertisers of all sizes. Through native integrations with leading ad platforms, CRMs and analytics tools, Advocado maximizes this data to optimize ad spend. Advocado was founded in 2018 and is based in St. Louis, MO. For more information, visit

* Source: Search Engine Journal
** Source: BIA/Kelsey

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