Advocado Launches MicroMoment+, the World’s First Scalable, Real-Time Broadcast to Digital Campaign Activation at the Zero Moment of Truth

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MicroMoment+ campaign ROI achieves 98 percent increase in digital click-through rates and 34 percent reduction in monthly AdWords spend

 Cologne, Germany – (September 12, 2018) – At the DMEXCO 2018 conference in Cologne, Germany, Advocado today unveiled MicroMoment+, the world’s first fully automated and scalable platform for broadcast to digital campaign activation at the Zero Moment of Truth, when audiences are stimulated by a TV commercial and instantly reach for their smartphone or other connect device.

MicroMoment+ will be demonstrated at the Unilever Foundry Start-up Hatch competition on September 12 at 1:35 p.m. local time, and be featured on onstage at DMEXCO in the Start-Up Village in the “Winning the Battle of the Micro-Moment” presentation on Tuesday, September 12 at 3:10 pm. local time.

At least 81 percent of U.S. internet users watch TV with a connected device*, and 70 percent of mobile searches result in a call, with annual call volume expected to grow to 162 billion annually by 2019.** The MicroMoment+ platform empowers advertisers to connect the dots between their broadcast and digital campaigns, even when sales happen over the phone.

"Advocado is the future of cross-channel advertising,” said Advocado partner Rob Enright, President, The Ward Group, Inc. “The MicroMoment+ platform gives us full visibility into exactly which advertising messages and key words are driving sales. It’s the most powerful attribution and analytics platform on the market.”

The MicroMoment+ platform includes:

  • Patent-pending ad bot technology – MicroMoment+ AdBots boost Google Ads keyword bids in real-time during “micro-moments” – when a company’s broadcast advertisement or programming segment airs and viewers instantly reach for their smartphone or other connected device. The window of increased bidding lasts just 1-3 minutes during the Zero Moment of Truth, helping companies maximize Google Ad spends and digital click-through rates.
  • Click-to-call tracking technology – The MicroMoment+ platform also includes fully automated, click-to-call, conversion-level tracking. Data is collected at the click level, so marketers know exactly what ads and keywords are generating leads and sales. The platform also tracks and automatically uploads offline conversions to online ad platforms, improving ad rank and enabling ad platforms to “learn” what ads and audiences are most likely to lead to sales.
  • Powerful analytics – MicroMoment+ Analytics make it easy for advertisers to connect broadcast runs to correlated online engagement, with session-level web visitor information, taking the guesswork out of broadcast attribution.
  • Native integrations – MicroMoment+ ensures advertisers’ data flows seamlessly and accurately through native integrations with leading ad platforms, CRMs and analytics tools, including, HubSpot, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing ads, Microsoft Dynamics365, Zoho and Google Analytics.

A recent MicroMoment+ pilot study demonstrated the following ROI:

  • 98% increase in digital click-through rate for campaigns using MicroMoment+ AdBot
  • 86% decrease in digital click-through rate for campaigns without MicroMoment+ AdBot

“With the mass penetration and universal nature of smartphones, consumers now react in real-time to advertisements and broadcast information that motivate them to respond, either online or by phone. MicroMoment+ is revolutionary for advertisers, who can now capture every step of a customer’s journey through the sales process, from attributing how they first discovered a product or service, to the eventual result of the click or call, and everything in between,” said Brian Handrigan, CEO of Advocado. 

About Advocado

Built by marketers for marketers, Advocado empowers advertisers to connect the dots between sales and their broadcast and digital campaigns, even when sales happen over the phone. Through native integrations with leading ad platforms, CRMs and analytics tools, Advocado helps advertisers optimize their ad spends. Advocado was founded in 2018 and is based in St. Louis, MO. For more information, visit

* Source: Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)
** Source: Search Engine Journal
** Source: BIA/Kelsey

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