Overview: The Tools Advocado Activate Integrates With & Why

We're thrilled you're interested in learning more about what's required to set up your Advocado Activate account! This article will walk you through the access points that Advocado requires as well as the impact we'll have on the accounts we access.

Please note that there are a few additional pieces of information required (e.g. bid adjustment details, billing contact information, go-live dates, etc.) before we can launch your Activate Triggers and Actions, but this article provides an overview of the biggest things we’ll need to access to get started.

Google Ads

Advocado will request access to connect to your Google Ads account in order to boost your ads in real time as your broadcast spots run. (Check out this article on how to approve this access request). Advocado will also return those bids to their normal levels 90 seconds after the ad has completed its run.

We will also request access in order to send offline conversions back to Google Ads, thus improving campaign performance. These conversion uploads will also make the platform better at finding the right audiences for your ads.

Google Analytics

Advocado will send 3 events to your GA account every time an ad runs:

  • The moment a spot airs
  • The moment a spot ends
  • The moment the bid adjustment ends

Advocado Call Tracking will also send your calls and offline conversions to Google Analytics.

Your Spots

Not necessarily account access required here, but Advocado Activate will need some basic spot information--namely the ISCIs, spot durations, and AEIS IDs (if applicable)--for the ads you're enhancing as well as your media schedule.


Rather than introducing a new tool or additional steps to the sales process, Advocado automatically creates leads in your CRM when a qualified call occurs. The sales team is then able to work the lead as they normally would—adding information, updating sales conversion amounts and marking leads as Closed Won. Advocado then collects this conversion data from the CRM and automatically sends it back to ad platform that originally generated the lead, allowing users to easily track ad performance based on which ads are generating sales, not just calls.

Telephony Account

Rather than up-charging users on telephone numbers and minutes used, Advocado instead allows customers to bring their own telephony to the Advocado platform. Specifically, our system integrates with Nexmo (our recommended provider) and Twilio.

To dive a bit deeper, for Advocado to be able to tie online web session information to that lead’s offline activity, we need to use programmable phone numbers from a telephony provider such as Nexmo. We will help you determine how many phone numbers you need, but Advocado will serve a unique phone number to each web visitor, which allows our technology to track their online to offline behavior with precision. If you’re designating unique phone numbers to offline campaigns, we can set those numbers up as static Channel Numbers within the Advocado system.

Your Website

We will need you to embed a short snippet of code on your website that allows Advocado to track online web sessions as well as the calls they generate.