What is Advocado Activate?

An overview of Advocado Activate works and the benefits it provides.

You know that moment when you’re watching TV, and a commercial piques your interest so much that you pick up your smartphone to search and learn more?

Advocado Activate makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during the precise moment (or micro-moment) when consumers are most engaged and want to learn more. We do this by transforming TV into a real-time bidding engine for search.

How Does Advocado Activate Work?

Step 1: Within 5 seconds of a client’s TV advertisement airing, Advocado Activate knows the creative of the TV ad, the DMA it's running in, the station it’s running on, and its length.

Step 2: Advocado Activate uses this information as a “trigger” that corresponds to specific “actions.” When a trigger is matched, information about the client’s Google Ads account, a list of keywords to target, and bidding business logic is retrieved.

Step 3: Advocado Activate connects to the Google Ads API and retrieves both the current keyword bid and the “first position bid” required for the selected keywords being boosted o maximize the micro-moment.

Step 4: The current bid levels are stored, new bids are calculated based on the returned first position bid information from the Google Ads API.

Step 5: 90 seconds after your commercial airs, Advocado Activate restores your Google Ads campaign keywords to previous bids levels.

Step 6: This all happens within the time it takes a consumer to see a commercial, decide they want to learn more and pick up their second device to start searching.

But What Results Can I Actually Expect from Advocado Activate?

Here are real results our customers have achieved by using Advocado Activate:

  • Better Ad Position: 24% improvement in average position.
  • Greater Impression Share: 16% increase in search impression share.
  • More Leads: 300+% increase in leads in A/B testing.
  • Increased Engagement: 2100% increase in web sessions.
  • Better Search Campaigns: Continually train the Google audience algorithm.

To learn about how we achieved these results, check out our case studies.

Interested in learning more about what Advocado can do for you? Drop us a line at info@myadvocado.com.