What are Triggers and Actions?

We often reference "triggers" and "actions". If you're looking for a clear definition of each of these terms, you've come to the right place!

What is a Trigger?

In this context, "triggers" refer to the broadcast spots you are boosting. To turn a spot into a trigger, it needs to have the Kantar BVS watermark. (For more information on how to watermark spots check out this article.) Advocado Activate uses information such as the ISCI, duration, and market to set up a trigger. When we set up a trigger, we also send the events to your Google Analytics account including 1. detection is received 2. when the spot ends 3. when the bid adjustment period ends. Your Advocado Customer Success Manager will set this up for you.

What is an Action?

For our purposes, the "actions" are the bid adjustments occurring when a spot airs. Two components make up an action: the targeted market(s) and the keywords you'd like to boost when a trigger occurs. Advocado makes the real-time bid adjustments based on the estimated first position bid for each keyword or, if that's not available, the current bid for each keyword. For every action, an estimated first position bid multiplier and a current bid multiplier must be set. You'll also set the criteria for a max bid, which establishes the ceiling.

For more information about how Advocado Activate's triggers and actions work, check out this article.