Advocado release notes through 9.14.18

A sampling of the biggest improvements & additions we've made to the Advocado platform to date.

Traaqr SMB 1.5

What’s New:

Bring Your Own Telephony Feature: This is what enables the Freemium version of Traaqr SMB. Customers now have the ability to take advantage of their own provider.

Nexmo Purchase and Management Integration: Nexmo integration allows customers to purchase and manage their Nexmo phone numbers from within Traaqr SMB

Twilio Purchase and Management Integration: Twilio integration allows customers to purchase and manage their Twilio phone numbers from within Traaqr SMB

Facebook Offline Conversion Upload Add-On: Facebook Offline Conversion Upload has been moved to a pay version Add-On feature. This enables Freemium users the ability to purchase additional features as needed.

Google Ads Offline Conversion Upload Add-On: Google Ads Offline Conversion Upload has been moved to a pay version Add-On feature. This enables Freemium users the ability to purchase additional features as needed.

Premium Support Add-on: Traaqr SMB now offers a premium support monthly subscription that when purchased will assign a designated Advocado Customer Support Specialist to that account.

Auto-Assign phone numbers to web sessions setting: Customers now have the ability to choose whether they want to auto assign every web session with a dynamic phone number, or to specifically choose which pages will dynamically assign numbers.

New password policy: We have increased the application’s password security.


Href telephones not getting replaced

Nexmo payment method notification when there is no payment method entered

Search numbers containing feature. When searching for a number containing certain numbers the results should also display the entered numbers.

MicroMoment+ 1.0 Product Release

What’s New:

Brand Creation: Brands are where MicroMoment+ connects the creative pieces that are being advertised. Brands have the ability to have many triggers and actions associated to them based on the activities occurring during an advertising campaign.

Advertiser Creation: Advertiser Accounts represent the direct customer with media needs. Advertisers can have many brands.

Agency Creation: Agency accounts represent Advertisers and have the ability to have multiple advertisers connected to them. Agency accounts have the ability to choose whether their advertisers are billed directly or through the agency.

Audio Watermark Trigger: The only integration on the market that knows precisely when a creative is being played within a specific DMA. This unique trigger is what enables MicroMoment+ the ability to specifically target audiences online search behavior within seconds of the creative being aired.

Content Trigger: This event based trigger allows for signals to be sent to MicroMoment+ for various types of content events. These events can be specific airings of creatives, special events like sports or entertainment, time specific events like holidays or market blitzes…

Google Ads Bid Adjustment Action: This action is applied to triggers in order to make real time bid adjustments to Google Ad Campaigns that target the product or services being offered during the aired creative.

DMA market and channel selection: This one of a kind feature allows for DMA and Channels within the DMA to be selected. This enables our audio watermark trigger to specifically activate Google Ad Bid Adjustments and optimize specific micro-moment opportunities

Google Ads Campaign/AdGroup/Keyword selection: Enjoy the ability to select which Google Ad Campaigns, AdGroups, and Keywords within the MicroMoment+ application.

Google Analytics integration: Brands can have a Google Analytics account added to them which enables event information to be logged in Analytics for signals that are received by MicroMoment+

Automated watermarking submission and request: This feature allows for creating audio watermark triggers and using that information to submit and request encoding for new audio watermarked creative pieces.

Report Visualizations: MicroMoment+ is the only product on the market that can provide zero moment of truth data and insights into broadcast to broadband campaign performance. This release includes a Google Ads Click Through Report that showcases performance before during and after air time of creatives.

Detailed Reports: These transactional line item reports provide audit level information about actions taken against brands within the MicroMoment+ product.  


Traaqr Version 1.0.7:

July 23, 2018

What's New:

  • Our integration for Salesforce
  • Enquire Solutions lead tracking integration
  • Freemium 1.0 (AKA free Traaqr!)
  • Dashboard updates including more filters for the Home graph, more filters on the Calls & Web Sessions pages, and the ability to add hours when your team accepts calls.

What We Fixed:

  • We fixed date filters to be consistent with date filters on other pages
  • In our Traaqr to Traaqr integration, we disconnected the dialog showing "unknown integration" instead of "Traaqr to Traaqr."


Traaqr Version 1.0.6:

April 30, 2018

What's New:

  • Traaqr Integration with Facebook! This one-of-a-kind integration lets users track online to offline conversions coming from their Facebook ads.
  • Traaqr to Traaqr Integration! If you've ever wanted better attribution for the work your affiliate marketers are doing, this is the solution you've been waiting for.

What We Fixed:

  • Some calls that had been completed were still showing up as "In Progress." We fixed this bug.
  • Our HubSpot integration no longer creates duplicate contacts for repeat callers.
  • We made several improvements for our Agency customers. They can now create multiple Account Admins, verify that an email address is not already in use when adding a new user to their account, and we fixed the "Confirm Number Purchase" screen. Also when they add a new group to their account that has a shared plan, the first month's invoice will now send automatically.
  • If you're using our "Call as Conversion" option, "Failed" calls are not converted to sales (for obvious reasons).
  • Current Site information gets updated for everyone when changed by a different user on your account.
  • We fixed the bugs associated with setting a new password. Specifically, you now have to enter a new password before you can hit "Reset." If you hit "enter" after filling out the New Password fields, your new password will now be submitted. These New Password fields no longer retrain previous values when you want to reset the password for the second time in the same session.
  • And we did quite a bit of display clean up and added more guidance: we added error messages when required information is missing; we removed a few incorrect messages and completed one that was incomplete; we fixed the broken "Cancel" button on Site Settings; we added a lot of input validations throughout the platform.