Advocado Implementation: Access and Information Requests

A quick overview of what access Advocado needs from your digital and media teams.

The Digital Team

Google Ads

Advocado will request access to connect to your Google Ads account to boost your ads in real-time as your broadcast spots run. (Check out this article on how to approve this access request). Advocado will also return those bids to their normal levels 90 seconds after the ad has completed its run.

Google Analytics

Advocado will send three events to your account every time an ad runs:

  • The moment a spot airs
  • The moment a spot ends
  • The moment the bid adjustment ends

Advocado Analyze's exploratory report connects to your Google Analytics account, enabling users to compare their Advocado-impacted web sessions and page views to a baseline derived from Google Analytics data.

Your Website

We will need you to embed a code snippet on your website to track online web sessions as well as the calls generated.

The Media Team

Your Spots and Media Schedule

In addition to the media schedule, Advocado requires the following spot information to set up our triggers:

  • ISCIs
  • Spot durations
  • The ad delivery platform you use to traffic your spots
  • Kantar BVS watermarks