A Guide to Watermarking Your Spots

This article provides an overview of the steps for watermarking your TV spots with the VEIL Watermark--the technology used by Kantar BVS to detect when your spots air.

For Advocado customers who are not already Kantar BVS customers, we will help you through the process of getting your spots watermarked. This step in the Advocado onboarding process is a simple, collaborative effort. So let's jump in!

  1. Provide your Customer Success Manager with the ISCIs for the spots you'd like to watermark.
  2. Advocado will upload the spot information to Kantar BVS in order to get a Kantar Encoding ID for each spot. This can be completed in minutes.
  3. Your Advocado CSM will send your Media Manager all of the Kantar Encoding IDs & the other information that they need to have your spots watermarked by your Ad Delivery Platform.
  4. Send the information your Advocado CSM provides to your your Ad Delivery Platform Account Manager and request that they watermark each spot accordingly. In our experience, this process takes approximately 1 hour to 24 hours depending on whether it's a rush order. Check with your Ad Delivery Platform AM for exact delivery times.
  5. Your Media Manager traffics the spots as they normally would.