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Why Your Company Needs to Utilize Lead Tracking Data

30 March 2018


Leads are the lifeblood of any sales-based business. Plain and simple, if you rely on bringing in new clients to support your business, then you need to nurture, identify, and track your leads effectively. If you don’t, you could risk alienating long-time customers, and losing new ones to your competitors. Fortunately, you can implement a series of lead tracking measures to ensure you keep close tabs on these vital developments –– and with the help of call tracking –– convert those leads into sales!

Lead Tracking 101

For the uninitiated, lead tracking is all about discerning where leads come from. In the past, marketers would create an array of content and hope that something in that campaign would bring in a lead. Obviously, that’s not a very efficient way of doing business. The good news is with modern call tracking, you can identify which pieces of marketing content (blogs, social media posts, ads) actually inspired a lead to pick up the phone and make the call to your company. The process of linking an offline call to an online marketing effort is called call attribution.

Going Beyond the Call

For businesses that currently don’t utilize lead tracking data in their marketing analysis, they’re missing out on huge benefits. After all, determining which ads and posts are driving content to your site, and which ones are failing to do so, is critical to assessing your marketing efficacy. However, lead tracking up to the call is only half the battle. The best call tracking companies will enable you to view the results of a sales call with a lead. In this way, you can get a more complete picture of how often you’re converting leads into sales. Remember, a lead is only valuable in the hypothetical; a sale is valuable in hard dollars and cents.

Improving Conversion Rates

Separating successful sales calls from leads who didn’t decide to do business with you is a crucial step that far too many companies don’t take. But if you go the extra mile with call tracking technology and accurately assess your marketing operation, you’ll have a blueprint ready to formulate an even more potent strategy. Plus, you’ll be able to calculate your marketing ROI –– no guesswork necessary.

The Bottom Line

Call and lead tracking will provide your business with a substantial advantage over your competitors who don’t use this cutting-edge technology. So if you value accurate call attribution, increased marketing and sales cohesion, and improved marketing ROI, then call tracking software can help you. Contact the Advocado team today and see how we can help you get started. And for a first-hand glimpse of the power of call tracking, request a free demo below:



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