Why Every Marketer Needs Call Tracking in their Arsenal

07 March 2018


Though companies have been marketing products and services ever since the advent of capitalism, precious little has changed about the core concepts of the process. Indeed, marketers today still try to do the same things that marketers ten, twenty, even fifty years ago did. Because after all, while technologies and products may change, people stay the same. Perhaps that’s why some marketers are hesitant to embrace new concepts in marketing. However, though call tracking is new tech, it’s grounded in answering some of the oldest problems marketers face. In fact, we’d go as far to say that every marketer needs to have call tracking in their arsenal. Here’s why:

Call Attribution

Marketers have often struggled to quantify their work for their clients. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attach a dollar value to every piece of online content you created? With call tracking attribution, you can. That’s because when a customer makes a call offline that leads to a sale, call tracking connects that sale back to the original ad, blog, or social media post that generated it. With call tracking you can show anyone and everyone the value of your marketing efforts, in hard dollars and cents.

Refocus on Sales

While it’s fine for marketers to spend a great deal of effort garnering leads for their business, at the end of the day sales are what matters. Fortunately, call tracking software can separate phone calls that led to sales, from those that didn’t. So rather than focusing on bringing a high volume of leads who might make a purchase, you can sharpen your attention to the most viable potential customers in the pool. Never waste your time on a wild-goose chase again.

Call Metrics

The more a marketer knows about a company and its customer base, the better they can craft a winning strategy. And again, call tracking can help in that endeavor. With call tracking software, marketers will gain access to a bevy of information they’d otherwise miss out on. So whether you want to go back and review a campaign’s performance over an entire year, or scrutinize one specific phone call, you can. Plus, call tracking will clue you in to your customers’ habits more than ever before. This will allow you to determine the best markets to target for your business as well.

Optimize Optimize Optimize

Forward-thinking marketers aren’t reactive –– they’re proactive. Call tracking not only gives you the tools to analyze your previous work, but also the ability to improve future performance. By identifying the most effective marketing efforts, you can channel your energies into squeezing the most out of them; at the same time you can either rework or scrap all together the less potent content.

The Bottom Line

While call tracking may be new tech, its aim is to address some of the oldest issues marketers have encountered. If you want to learn how to better your marketing performance and get closer to your customers’ mindset than ever before –– then call tracking is for you. Contact the Advocado team today and we can help you get started, no matter your company’s size or area of expertise. Need some more evidence first? Request a free demo below and see for yourself what call tracking can do for you!



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