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Why Call Tracking Software Will Improve Your Sales Numbers

28 February 2018


Sales are great. Much like chocolate, puppies, and sunshine, sales are universally beloved, and it’s no wonder every business works to improve their sales numbers constantly. After all, without healthy sales figures no one would be able to keep the lights on. So it’s natural that anything that can provide a boost to your sales team should have great value to just about every company. To that end, call tracking software can help your business improve its sales numbers, regardless of your industry. Here’s how:

Coordinate Marketing and Sales

One big issue many companies face is the fact that their marketing efforts are out of step with their sales strategy. Ideally though, your marketing and sales team would collaborate in tandem to create a comprehensive plan to drive sales. The good news is, call tracking can make that vision come true. By attributing sales made over the phone back to the marketing efforts that generated them, you can identify which ads, blogs, and social media posts are driving interested customers to your company. And by refocusing your marketing strategies around sales, you’ll naturally see an uptick in your returns.

Unparalleled Intel

If you’ve ever worked in sales before, you know that knowledge is power. The more you know about a customer, (what they want, what they’re looking for, etc.) the better your chances are to making a sale. That’s why call tracking software puts the power of vital information at your fingertips. When a lead makes a call to your business, your sales team will have access to that caller’s name, location, phone number, and what piece of marketing content drove them to make a call in the first place. In this way, your sales team will never have to stumble through the awkward phase of initial questioning; instead, they can get down to brass tax equipped with the best resource of all –– intelligence. Plus, remember that call tracking software can help you determine which ads don’t send qualified leads to your sales team. Simply scaling back on calls that wind up in dead ends will allow your sales staff more time to focus on priority leads instead.  

Keep Things on the Record

When you install call tracking software, you’ll be able to review every aspect of your sales strategy. So whether you want to review overarching statistical trends that span months or years, or if you want to go back and listen to a specific sales call, you can. The point is, you’ll never have to wonder about the effectiveness of your operation –– you’ll be able to see what’s working, and what’s not. By trimming the fat and optimizing your already compelling content, you can craft a marketing–sales combo that produces results consistently.


If you like what you’ve seen so far about call tracking software, don’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Contact the Advocado team today –– we can help your sales team reach new heights regardless of your previous results. Still not convinced? Download our free demo below and get a taste of what call tracking can do for you. What have you got to lose?



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