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Why Call Tracking is Essential to Agile Marketing

By Brian Handrigan on March 5, 2018 |


For the uninitiated, agile marketing is a strategy that revolves around flexibility. As the name suggests, agile marketing strategies aren’t tied down to long-term commitments or heavy up-front investment. Instead, agile marketers seek to find solutions to problems in the moment. That’s why agile marketing is set up over short increments; if something isn’t working one month, you can always change course quickly with agile marketing. However, an agile marketing plan is just about impossible to implement without proper call tracking software to back it up. That’s because call tracking provides agile marketers with vital information that makes their work possible. Here’s why call tracking is essential to agile marketing:

True Marketing ROI

In the past it was pretty difficult to determine the true value of a given ad or piece of marketing content. After all, how could you determine what made a customer buy your product without asking them? However, with call tracking you can get a true depiction of your marketing ROI. Call tracking software attributes sales made offline back to the online marketing sources (blogs, social media posts, ads) that generated them. This way, you’ll know exactly how each individual component of your overall marketing campaign is functioning. No more guessing, no more speculation involved.

Blueprint to Change and Optimize

Call tracking allows marketers the ability to properly analyze marketing content, and as such, provides them with a blueprint for how to reorganize and develop new plans. Having the tools to identify what’s not working is just the first step, though. What’s more, call tracking can help marketers further optimize already successful ads and organic content. So instead of throwing good money after bad, you can reduce your spend while upping your sales at the same time.

Improved Customer Profiles

When a lead makes a call to your business, call tracking software can put your marketing team in touch with pertinent information about that caller. In addition to determining which ads and posts are most effective, call tracking can produce vital intel about your customers. This way, you’ll know if you’re hitting your target demographic, or if you need to shift gears in your plan. Agile marketers need to keep up with customers’ habits; call tracking gives them the power to do so.

Big-Picture Metrics

Call tracking software, like agile marketing itself, is versatile. Whether you need to listen to and analyze a single phone call –– or else pour over data from months of work –– you can with call tracking. Agile marketers love call tracking because it allows them to see big-picture trends in the stats, that both inform and influence the way they run their day-to-day campaigns. After all, agile marketing is a series of small steps toward a big goal.

Learn More

We’ve only just scratched the surface of how call tracking software and agile marketing complement each other. As we mentioned before, trying to market yourself without call tracking is a struggle you don’t need to go through. Contact the Advocado team today and modernize your agile marketing efforts. Plus, you can get a firsthand glimpse of what call tracking is all about. Simply request a free demo below:

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

Co-founder and CEO of Advocado, Brian is a proven entrepreneur with a passion for expanding the intersection of technology and communication. He is a true innovator and has been a founder or co-founder of multiple startups. His talent to see “beyond the known” and identify the real opportunity has resulted in some of the most creative omni-channel solutions to date and was instrumental in inspiring the vision of Advocado. Brian has over twenty years of experience working leading companies such as TD Ameritrade, ADP, Walmart, WPP and major health insurance companies.