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Why Business Phone Tracking is Essential to Improving Sales

12 July 2018


The telephone was invented in 1876, and it has been an integral part of people’s lives ever since. Sure, plenty of phone-based innovation has occurred between then and now: pay-phones, answering machines, early cell phones, and the modern smartphones we use today to name a few. However, what hasn’t changed is the fact that the phone is still a vital appliance that connects people. That holds true in business as well. Despite the marked rise in digital outreach, marketing, and advertising over the past twenty years, many businesses still hold important interactions with their customers over the phone. And that includes sales calls. Business phone tracking then, is an integral part of a winning sales strategy. Not sure why? We’ll explain in-depth here: 

Call Tracking for Businesses

The problem many modern businesses face is a disconnect between their marketing and sales departments. Their marketing team is almost entirely focused on creating digital content like ads, blogs, and social media posts. Meanwhile, sales people tend to operate offline –– through sales calls. Call tracking is important for businesses to utilize, in brief, because it connects these two units. With call tracking software, a company can accurately attribute every offline phone call it receives back to the online content that generated it. This provides a myriad of benefits to forward-thinking businesses.

Improved Marketing Performance

One of the most obvious advantages to call tracking technology is that it enables marketers to view which keywords, campaigns, and pieces of content successfully generate phone calls to the sales team. From there, optimizing current content –– and creating more effective content in the future –– is a straightforward prospect. This is obviously advantageous to sales team members also because the more engaging marketing material is, the higher number of calls and leads they’ll have to work with. 

Sales-Focused Solutions

The most advanced call tracking systems for businesses don’t just provide ways for marketers to bolster their numbers. Rather, they also offer opportunities for business owners to improve their sales processes as well. For one, a call tracking system records all sales calls your team makes, and stores the pertinent information within its database. So business owners can view how long a sales call lasted, which campaigns inspired the most calls, and (crucially) which sales calls ended in success and which didn’t. Furthermore, call tracking tech will supply salespeople with vital information about every caller including their name, number, and location. Plus, when you integrate call tracking with your CRM, you can better equip your sales team to converse with repeat customers –– the customers who make the biggest impact for your bottom line! 

Contact the Pros

Since most businesses market themselves online, but close sales offline, call tracking is vital to their success. However, there’s a notable difference between run-of-the-mill call tracking service, and the most advanced methods. Contact the Advocado team today to get in touch with the leaders and innovators in call tracking tech. Also, to see the kind of results advanced call tracking is capable of producing, download our free case study here:



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