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What is Multi-Channel Attribution?

09 May 2018


One big reason why some businesses don’t bother with call tracking or marketing analysis of any kind is because they find it too difficult to grasp. Given the amount of industry-specific lingo that marketers use, it’s understandably tough for an outsider to make sense of many aspects of call tracking metrics. The unfortunate truth though, is that beneath the arcane terms and confusing concepts, virtually every company can benefit from call tracking technology. This is especially apt in regard to multi-channel attribution, which itself is a hard idea to fully appreciate. Today then, we’ll be taking a deep dive to address this all-too-common question, what is multi-channel attribution? Furthermore, we’ll explain why it matters and how call tracking can make your marketing/sales efforts more effective than ever before:

Multi-Channel Attribution 101

Digital business interactions aren’t straightforward anymore. Few people click on only one piece of marketing content before they decide to do business with a company. After all, think of the way you’d search for a product. You’d probably click on several companies first before picking the one you like best. From there, you might click on an ad that brings you to a landing page. Or you might check out a blog post the company has created that’s relevant to your interest. Or you might even look them up on a social media platform. The point is, most customers interact with a business across multiple channels before they make the decision to contact a sales representative.

At this point you might be wondering: what’s the issue here? So long as a lead eventually decides to eventually do business with your company, what does it matter how they arrived at that point?

Improving ROI with Multi-Channel Attribution

The problem inherent with customers engaging with multiple pieces of content is the inability to determine which piece actually drove a sale. Was it the ad they first viewed on Google? Or perhaps a blog they read after? Or could it even have been a review on social media? The point is, since modern companies utilize a diverse array of marketing strategies, they need a way to identify the most successful of those efforts. Not only will this allow them to eliminate or alter the content that isn’t working, but it can enable them to double down on already potent marketing work. Progressive companies study their marketing efforts because they know it will provide them with a blueprint to form more successful campaigns in the future –– and they’ll garner a healthier return on investment as a result.

Channel Attribution Models

So what’s the best way to determine which piece of content convinced a lead to call your business? Was it the initial piece of media that turned them on to your site? Or perhaps the final article they read before making the call? At the end of the day, different businesses utilize different channel attribution models to achieve different goals. Some give credit to content that draws in initial clicks; others value the final piece in the conversion process more. Still others distribute credit more evenly to each piece of content a given lead interacted with. The point is, the attribution model you select should reflect your goals. Do you want increase the traffic on your website or tighten up your conversion rates? Ask yourself similar questions before you select a model and always remember to be consistent in the way you analyze your marketing efforts.

Multi-Channel Attribution with Call Tracking

It’s just about impossible to set up a functional channel attribution model without call tracking technology. That’s because only call tracking software will enable you to see which pieces of content generated phone calls and (more importantly) sales. By using tracking phone numbers attached to individual pieces of content you can actually determine which ads, blogs, and social media posts are inspiring your leads to take the next step with you.

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Multi-channel attribution doesn’t have to be a headache. The right call tracking software will provide you with the tools you need to make better, more informed marketing decisions. Contact the Advocado team today to get started with call tracking. Plus, make sure to download our free case study, and learn how call tracking helped a company just like yours drastically improve their sales numbers. 



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