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What is Call Tracking & How Does it Work: A Marketer’s Guide

By Brian Handrigan on December 5, 2017 |


How and Why to You Would Want to Track a Phone Call

As a marketer, you know that your company is dependent for success on its sales. Thus, even digital marketing should realize that there are plenty of good reasons to keep track of sales calls. In this article, we’ll talk about call tracking, how it can improve sales, and how to go about it.

What Does Call Tracking Do?

Call tracking does much more than merely identify the prospect. It’s an evolving technology whereby you can gain in-depth information about each caller. Most importantly, call tracking can tell you how the caller found your business in the first place and drive future marketing optimization. I think you can see how such information can improve your company’s marketing and sales strategies.

Call Tracking and Marketing Campaigns

Perhaps the most essential function of call tracking is the ability to correlate an incoming call with a specific ad or marketing campaign. Knowing which ad or campaign produced a phone call is a vital piece of data. It can help businesses design the best strategies for capturing, converting and then generating more leads.

Really Know Your Customers

Call tracking will help you get a better handle on your customers and potential customers. You can track each caller’s name, location and which device they used to make contact. This knowledge will give you useful data about your customers and exactly how they interact with your company. With advanced call tracking, you can even see which web pages and products a caller viewed before (and during) the call.

Elements of Call Tracking

  • Campaign Based Dynamic Number Insertion – This basic feature matches a number from a source pool of numbers with the source that produced the call, i.e., a specific advertisement or marketing campaign. Knowing which sources are most effective at generating calls gets rid of guesswork, and enables you to make more informed marketing decisions for your company or your client going forward. 
  • Advanced Dynamic Number Insertion – This feature assigns (and matches) a number from a source pool of numbers with the exact click that drove a specific anonymous visitor to your website. With click/visitor level tracking, you can identify specific visitors that became callers and – when connected to a CRM – track conversions with the same precision as ecommerce.
  • Multi-Channel Attribution – This is a way to track a customer’s entire journey leading up to a call. It tells you which campaign drove the call, which pages on the website the caller interacted with, and the last step they took before making the call.
  • Call Recording – Recording phone calls helps to improve customer service –you can listen to conversations between your employees and customers and identify areas that could be made better.

Choosing the Right Call Tracking Platform

You need a service that’s complete, transparent, user-friendly and affordable. Your call tracking interface should be easy to understand and as intuitive as possible. You also need a service with excellent customer support. A provider should make the setup process quick and easy and go from click to call to conversion without requiring changes by anyone. Customers simply call and sales agents simply answer calls, all of the connections and interfaces should be handles automatically.



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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

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