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What is an Omni Channel Customer Journey?

09 January 2019


Marketers use terms like “customer journey,” to illustrate a point. Of course, few people actually get in the car to go make a purchase now –– let alone undertake anything that resembles a “journey.” However, consumers can and do interact with a wide array of marketing media without ever leaving their home. An omni channel customer journey, then, is a fairly commonplace occurrence. In simple terms, an omni channel customer journey comprises all the different sites, apps, and ads that a consumer views before making a purchase decision. The main difficulty for many businesses isn’t understanding customer journeys, but rather tracking them effectively. Here then is a quick guide to all things related to customer journeys and omni channel marketing –– and a few tips for how your business can leverage tracking data to your advantage:

Moving Away from the Linear

For convenience’s sake, most marketing professionals explain the customer journey in a linear fashion. Simplified it might look something like this: customer sees advertisement, customer interacts with advertisement, customer makes purchase based on information in advertisement. The reality is though, few consumers decide to buy something in such a straightforward fashion. Rather, it may take weeks, months, or even years from when a consumer first encounters marketing/advertising content to when they finally make a purchase. What’s more, consumers can and do move from one channel to another when considering purchase options. It’s more or less expected for consumers to research products, and businesses in particular will examine marketing content for a significant period of time before approving a major expense.

Omni Channel Content Strategies

Since consumers will “hop around” from their phone, to their desktop, to sitting in front of their TV, marketers need to know how to create content that caters to specific channels and preferences. At the same time, they also need to develop consistent and connected content. It’s no longer enough to form individual pieces of marketing content; rather, professionals need to think of each article, blog post, and digital ad as a small part of a larger content network.

Benefits of Consumer Tracking

It may seem obvious, but the more companies understand about how consumers interact with their advertising and marketing material, the better they can adjust their tactics to suit consumer needs. It’s essential, then, for modern marketers to prioritize omni channel marketing analytics –– to determine which strategies are driving revenue and which aren’t producing results. Furthermore, businesses that identify the micro-moments that inspire action from their consumer base hold a distinct advantage over their competitors who don’t. More than anything else, these seemingly small occurrences will provide a huge degree of insight into a customer’s decision-making process.

Final Thoughts

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