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Tracking Phone Numbers Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide

01 May 2018


Whether you realize it or not, your phone is the greatest weapon in your marketing/sales arsenal. That’s because despite all of the technological and digital advancements of the last twenty years, the phone remains the fundamental medium for closing sales. Indeed, even companies that rely solely on online marketing content to generate leads still need to use effective sales methods over the phone to close a deal. (In other words, online content creates offline conversions.) Deep down, customers want to talk to a human being before they make a big purchase.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then know that you’re not alone. Know also that you’ve got a big opportunity to improve the way you conduct business with call tracking. Unfortunately, some small business owners disregard call tracking software because they either don’t understand it, or they fear implementing it will hamper productivity. So to clear up the confusion, today we’re going to break down the most elemental aspect of call tracking –– tracking phone numbers –– and explain how they work, and why they provide a massive benefit to any company that uses them. 

Call Tracking Numbers: The Basics

Once upon a time, every business had just one phone number –– one channel connecting them to their customer base. While that’s an undeniably simple way to run a business, it’s nowhere near the most effective in today’s environment. That’s because companies spend lots of time, money, and energy creating different types of marketing content online. A few examples include: PPC campaigns through AdWords, Facebook, etc. blog posts, sponsored articles, social media posts, pillar pages, and more. All of this content is geared toward drawing in leads, but not all of the content is necessarily related. Indeed, savvy companies will run multiple campaigns at one time to diversify their efforts and expand their customer base. Here’s the problem with that strategy: you’ve got a lot of different marketing material, but just one phone number. How can you determine why leads are calling? What piece of content inspired them to make the call to your business? Fortunately, tracking phone numbers provide the answers.

Implementing Call Tracking

When you switch over to call tracking, you can assign unique phone numbers to your marketing content –– so that you can see clearly which pieces of content are driving leads and which ones aren’t. Furthermore, thanks to advances in call tracking technology from companies like Advocado, you can actually follow a lead all the way through the sales cycle with TraaqrSMB: monitor their progress from initial interest all the way to the completion of the sales call. Call tracking removes the guesswork from marketing and sales. Rather than making assumptions about your leads, call tracking gives your sales team the information they need to succeed.

The Bottom Line

Here at Advocado, we didn’t invent call tracking software, but we’re committed to perfecting it. So if you want a deeper understanding of how your leads behave, how effective your marketing/sales efforts are, and how to improve the efficiency of your business, then contact us today. But don’t just take our word for it. Download this free case study and see the results of TraaqrSMB’s call tracking technology in action.



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