The Key Reason to Explore Micro-Moments and Programmatic Advertising

13 November 2018


There are few concepts quite as divisive among modern professionals as automation. Indeed, some see business automation as the way of the future –– and a way to eliminate the pitfalls of the current sales cycle. Conversely, other pros think that automation causes more harm than good and that human beings need to be involved more often to ensure quality performance. The truth though, probably lies somewhere in between the two. While automotive processes like programmatic advertising can certainly aid marketing teams, a certain amount of human guidance is necessary to ensure the best results possible. To that end, today we’ll explore the connection between micro-moments and programmatic advertising –– and explain how businesses can leverage automated services effectively:

What is Programmatic Advertising?

If you don’t know what programmatic advertising is –– don’t worry, we’ll break it down here. Essentially, programmatic advertising is an automated way of purchasing and selling advertisements. By utilizing a system like a demand side platform, businesses can “pre-set” specifications for ad purchases. At the same time, a business selling advertising space on a TV channel or other platform will use a complementary supply side platform. The two platforms will then cross-reference each other’s data and arrive at “optimal” purchase decisions.

Automation in Advertising

Naturally, some professionals will have an adverse reaction to the idea of programmatic advertising; the idea of ceding control of ad budget to an automated program is unnerving at first. However, by embracing automation in advertising, marketing professionals can begin to take advantage of the micro-moments that their advertising content generates all the time. In other words, programmatic advertising is most effective when combined with the information you already possess about your consumer base and their browsing and purchasing habits.

Programmatic Advertising in Practice

Good advertising is all about timing. The right ad, appearing in the right time, and the right place can inspire a consumer to make a purchase they otherwise never would’ve considered. Businesses have always known this, but haven’t been able to use this knowledge in practice.

Now though, thanks to breakthroughs in broadcast-to-digital technology from companies like Advocado –– you can. Here’s how it works. Advertisements inspire leads to take action and learn more about products all the time. These transitional actions or “micro-moments” in the buyer’s journey present a great opportunity to businesses that understand them. For instance, when someone watches a TV commercial and decides to investigate a product further on a search engine like Google, they are, naturally, receptive to that brand’s message at that moment. That’s why our flagship product, MicroMoment+ automatically boosts Google AdWords bids in conjunction with scheduled broadcasts ads. In this way, businesses can use ad automation to increase ROI, lower ad spend, and improve content. Plus, MicroMoment+ also tracks any and all digital traffic generated by TV commercials –– so you can see which ads are leading to sales and which aren’t.

The Bottom Line

No other business can provide this level of sophistication in regard to marketing and advertising automation. If you’re ready to give your marketing and advertising strategy a massive upgrade, contact the Advocado team today. In addition, make sure to check out the video presentation below for even more info on our cutting-edge techniques and platforms:

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