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The 5 Most Important Call Metrics to Help Boost Sales Numbers

05 April 2018


When it comes right down to it, there’s nothing more important to a business’s long-term viability than its ability to create leads and close on sales. After all, a company can’t grow without a steady flow of sales coming in, and if your sales numbers are stagnant for long, it probably indicates a major marketing problem. Indeed, any business that isn’t actively working to improve its sales efficiency is taking a massive gamble. That’s why it’s so vital that companies use every resource available to improve their sales numbers. One such option is analyzing these five important call metrics:

New Callers vs. Customer Retention

A company looking to build a solid foundation for years to come will need to first cultivate a network of leads they can rely on. Needing to generate new contacts and sales every month will not only put a massive strain on your marketing and sales team, it will inhibit your business’s potential for growth. As such, you should keep an eye on what type of leads you're bringing in. Ideally, you should see a healthy mix of repeat customers and new callers. Too much of either could land your business in trouble down the line.

Conversion Rate

Figuring out how a lead came across your business is great; figuring out how to turn that lead into a sale is even better. With call tracking metrics, you can follow every leads’ journey through the sales cycle –– and determine which pieces of marketing content are sending qualified leads to your sales team, as opposed to those that aren’t getting the job done.

In-Depth Call Call Analysis

With this call metric you can view all the details surrounding a sales call –– from how long the call took, to its eventual outcome, to the piece of marketing content that generated it in the first place. In this way you can clearly pinpoint any problems in sales or marketing cohesion you may have –– and take active steps to fix them!


For many businesses that depend on PPC ads to generate leads, ROAS (return on ad spend) may be the most vital call metric of all. That’s because inefficient ads will hamstring your business and cost you money. Identifying ads that give your company a meaningful bang-for-your buck could be the difference between thriving or merely surviving in your market.

Marketing ROI

Companies that don’t utilize PPC, or those that use PPC in conjunction with other marketing efforts need to have a firm handle on their marketing ROI. Businesses that ignore call metrics like this one risk missing out on marketing strategies that could provide a massive lift to their company. Furthermore, calculating your ROI often will enable you to cast more accurate projections for your future performance. 

The Bottom Line

Companies that actively use their call metrics hold a big advantage over their competitors that don’t. So if you currently don’t use call tracking –– or you’re unsure how to get the most out of your tracking software –– contact the Advocado team today. We specialize in helping companies up their sales and marketing game without breaking the bank. But don’t just take our word for it –– download our free case study and see how we solve problems businesses in all industries struggle with daily. 



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