Micro-Moments and Social Media: The Key to Conversion

09 November 2018


Most marketers already realize that consumers check their phones constantly. Indeed, one eye-catching report from Time Magazine states that Americans look at their phones a combined eight billion times a day. However, fewer professionals focus on how long individuals will stay on their phone in a given interval. Of course, few people will stay glued to their phone for more than a minute or two at a time. Rather, the prevailing trend suggests that modern shoppers will look at their phone in many short bursts across their day while watching TV, shopping, or eating a meal. So what does that mean for marketers?

In brief, it means they have lots of opportunities –– but not much time –– to engage with consumers. And that’s one reason why businesses are focusing so much on micro-moments and social media. To that end, here’s a closer look at how companies can use micro-moments to bolster their social-media efforts:

Extra Exposure & Retargeting

Micro-moments are all about transition. Indeed, they inspire action and send leads from one medium or platform to another. However, micro-moment marketing is also a process. It’s rare for a consumer to zip through the customer journey, moving from one piece of content to the next before making a purchase. Rather, it may take days, weeks, or even months between when a customer experiences a zero moment of truth (ZMOT) and when they actually buy something.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why businesses should utilize social media to stay engaged with qualified leads who haven’t made a purchase decision yet. Sending them informal content offers and building retargeting ads are two ways companies can “stay in the frame” and prevent leads from forgetting about them.

“I-Want-More Moments”

The best marketing teams think of social media as a gateway between initial interest and bottom-of-the funnel action. In that sense, social-media content needs to satisfy a unique niche within a marketing strategy. Load a social-media post with too much information and few people will find it engaging; fail to give an accurate account of your company on social-media platforms, though, and you’ll struggle to capture leads’ attention. Striking the right balance can be difficult, but effective social-media marketing tactics offer interested readers a compelling reason to learn more about their product or service. In fact, micro-moment marketing is all about providing consumers with more information when they need it. 

Timing is Everything

As with other aspects of a cross-channel marketing strategy, when a business decides to schedule ads, posts, and targeted messages matters almost as much as the nature of that content. Figuring out when consumers and leads are most likely to engage with your brand on social media is essential to creating an effective social-media strategy. Fortunately, thanks to breakthroughs in cross-channel marketing from Advocado, business owners can track their leads’ activity across multiple platforms (including online-to-offline, and broadcast-to-digital conversions) and determine the effectiveness of individual ads and posts. With this knowledge and cutting-edge technology, leveraging micro-moments in social-media marketing has never been easier!

The Bottom Line

Understanding the basics of micro-moment marketing will give your team a leg up on your competitors; partnering with a business like Advocado can help move you light years ahead of them. Contact our team today to learn more, or, to get an in-depth look at our products check out this video presentation here:

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