How Micro-Moments and Understanding User Intent Will Enhance Marketing Efforts

12 November 2018


As search engines like Google have become more sophisticated over time, user intent has taken on a greater significance for digital marketers. Fifteen to twenty years ago (practically ages in business terms) search-engine algorithms had more difficulty deciphering user intent based on keyword choices. Now though, both search engines and consumers are adept at finding exactly what they want online. But what is it that consumers want from your company? The key to knowing how to answer that question is understanding how micro-moments influence marketing success. Today, we’ll focus on how you can leverage an understanding of micro-moments and user intent to create more effective marketing content.

Establish a Connection Between Micro-Moments and User Intent

The first step toward building better marketing campaigns that align with user intent is to examine the different types of micro-moments. They are: “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to do,” and “I want to buy.” Remember, the phrasing of certain keywords will help you determine what your consumers want from your marketing content. For instance, the keyword “what is an orthopedic surgeon?” displays a desire for basic information, whereas a similar but distinct keyword “orthopedic surgeons near me” conveys a greater immediacy and (probably) willingness to schedule an appointment.

Write Content to Address User Queries

Simply put, the more effectively your content manages to answer visitor queries, the more leads you’ll be able to generate online. Writing informative content will likely provide a boost to your website visibility, but more importantly, will help establish your business as an authority in your industry. Note, earning a consumer’s trust is the first step to earning their business. What’s more, make sure to create a content network that addresses a variety of consumer queries from basic FAQs, to in-depth concepts. In this way you don't have to interpret user intent constantly; instead, you can address concerns proactively. Staggering your content will enable you to attract leads at different points in the consumer journey, and help nurture the leads you already have.

Coordinate Your Marketing Efforts

Consumers experience micro-moments that drive them from one platform to another all the time. However, if your business hasn’t implemented an effective cross-channel marketing strategy, you’ll struggle to reach leads when they most want to view your content. (Remember, user intent is all about what a consumer "wants.") Fortunately, thanks to innovative tech and tracking breakthroughs by companies like Advocado, businesses can link their marketing and advertising content to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. Furthermore, our flagship product MicroMoment+ allows companies to lower ad spend and increase conversion rates by identifying and focusing on the most lucrative opportunities to engage with leads.

Final Thoughts

The good news for modern business owners is that there are a number of ways to determine user intent based on marketing data and research. If you’re ready to use that information to craft better marketing and advertising content, get more leads, and make more sales, then contact the Advocado team today! Our mission is to provide companies like yours with cutting-edge solutions that will assist your marketing team! Don’t just take our word for it though –– get a closer look at our process here:

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