How to Use Google Ads Call Tracking to Get the Most Out of PPC

15 December 2017


As a marketer, you are most likely using Google Ads to generate targeted. Google Ads has several features that allow you to track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, including the ability to track calls at a very basic level – you receive data on the caller’s location and how long the call lasted.

Google Ads Missing Tracking Features

Google only provides a limited call tracking capability. A call tracking service is essential to gain access to other critical metrics that are necessary to optimize your marketing strategies. Integration of call tracking software with Google Ads will provide you with a full range of call tracking metrics that are inaccessible via Google’s forwarding numbers. The following is a list of call tracking service features that will enable you to improve your Google Ads campaigns and your other marketing strategies.

  • Tracking by Campaign & Click: Google’s call tracking only tracks calls generated by call extensions or call-only ads. With integrated call tracking software you will have the capability to track all of your Google Ads campaigns, such as Search Partner Marketing or re-marketing, in addition to campaigns you are running on other PPC platforms. And, don’t forget your other marketing channels such as email, direct mail, and print – with call tracking software you will know which campaign is performing the best.
  • Session Data: Knowledge of which ad and keyword drove a caller to your website is useful, but understanding how the caller moved through your site expands your insights. Understanding which content or page compelled your visitor to call enables you to optimize your Google Ads campaigns, content and SEO strategies.
  • Call Recording: This basic feature allows you to easily analyze calls from Google Ads and your other marketing channels. By listening to your recorded calls, you can get a better handle on which campaigns are producing the highest-quality leads. You can also learn what your customers want to know about or purchase. Armed with this information, you can confidently bid on keywords that you know your customers are searching for.
  • Ownership and Flexibility: Once you create a channel tracking number, you own it and can use it for as long as you wish. This gives you the freedom to confidently insert your tracking numbers in online directories and on printed marketing materials.
  • Reporting: Call tracking software will provide you with call reports broken down by source, days and times of highest call volume, landing page, last visited page, or keyword. For instance, if you know Thursdays at 1:30 pm is a peak calling time, you can ensure that you have enough staff standing by to cope with the call volume

Use TraaqrSMB from Advocado to Get the Most Out of Google Ads

If your Google Ads campaigns are already generating a lot of leads, use TraaqrSMB’s call tracking integration to Google Ads to build on your success and gain deeper insights into your callers. If you understand what your callers are looking for, you then have the ability to bid on the right keywords. If your Google Ads campaigns are not doing as well as you like, integrating with TraaqrSMB will enable you to improve your performance by training Google Ads which clicks generate the most profitable calls. Call us for more information.



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