How Micro-Moment Marketing Will Improve Ad Spend

08 November 2018


Good advertisements are concise. They’re short, eye-catching, and above all else, compelling. Yet, because ads are short, they can’t provide in-depth information to consumers. In truth, most effective advertising campaigns are usually a part of a larger micro-moment marketing strategy. By aligning your advertising efforts with the other, more thorough marketing content, business owners can increase engagement with their content and improve their ad spend at the same time. Here’s how:

Advertising Across Channels

It’s rare for a business to advertise through only one medium, or by using only one channel to spread their message. Indeed, consider how often modern consumers switch from one website to another, from their mobile phone to their laptop, and from offline to online media and you'll quickly realize the need to advertise across channels. What's more, marketers and advertisers should value these transitional micro-moments (when consumers switch from one medium to another) because they provide great insight into user intent. In many cases, effective marketing/advertising content will “push” a consumer from one platform to another. For instance, a well-crafted TV commercial might inspire a lead to make a related mobile search. Or, a compelling ad might drive a consumer to place a phone call with a sales rep.  

Tracking Cross-Channel Movement

In the past, businesses merely had to hope that their marketing and advertising content had a positive effect on their consumer base. There was simply no way to tell which, if any, of their efforts were generating these important (and lucrative) micro-moments. Fortunately, thanks to tech breakthroughs from Advocado such as advanced call tracking, businesses can now effectively track the performance of each individual piece of content they create. This way, marketers can determine which ads, blogs, social-media posts etc. are generating clicks, calls, and sales.

Leveraging Micro-Moments

The key to lowering ad spend while increasing sales is timing. Specifically, if a business can predict when qualified leads will search for their products or services, they can lower and raise bids on platforms like AdWords accordingly. The question then becomes: when are leads most likely to search for a company’s name or product? In many instances, the best times to boost AdWords bids are during and immediately following a business’s commercials on TV. (It’s a simple concept, really. Consumer sees TV spot, becomes interested, and goes to their phone to learn more.) To wit, Advocado’s flagship product, MicroMoment+ works to 1) automatically boost AdWords bids in conjunction with related TV commercials, and 2) track the performance of those TV commercials in terms of clicks generated and sales made. With this amazing tool, marketing teams don’t even have to lift a finger to enhance their advertising spend. If you’ve been looking for a way to bolster your ROAS, then MicroMoment+ is the answer.

Final Thoughts

Micro-moment marketing is the way of the future, and progressive businesses are already using this tactic to generate leads more efficiently. By implementing a marketing strategy centered around leveraging micro-moments, your company can gain a tremendous advantage over your competitors.Contact the Advocado team today for more info. Plus, to learn more about our services check out this video presentation:New call-to-action



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