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How Lead Tracking Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

04 April 2018


While it’s undeniable that leads and lead tracking are vital to a business’s marketing success, sometimes it’s possible for companies to go a bit “lead crazy.” That is, they become so enthralled with increasing their leads and their web traffic, that they lose sight of the ultimate goal: sales. At the end of the day, leads are great, but sales are profitable –– and profits power successful businesses. With that in mind, you may be wondering how you can use lead tracking to generate more sales. The key lies in focusing on your conversion rates.

Ads vs. Organic Content in Regard to Conversion Rates

Not all leads come from the same source. Some find your business through your blogs, posts on social media, or by looking for one of your products or services on a search engine. Still others online find their way to your site through PPC (pay-per-click) ads on Google, Facebook, etc. While it’s important to try and convert on every lead that comes through your pipeline, it’s even more pivotal to make sure that those who arrive at your site via the PPC route eventually do business with you. That’s because PPC ads that don’t produce high conversion rates will cost you money with every click! PPC can be a highly effective option for your company, but only if you can convert on those leads consistently.

Where Does Lead Tracking Come in?

When most companies consider lead tracking, they think about its benefit to discovering the source of a lead. However, the best call tracking software can give you even more information to work with. Following a lead through the sales cycle can give you valuable insight into your leads’ motivations, spending habits, and engagement with your marketing material. For instance: if you’re receiving a high number of calls as a result of a certain marketing campaign, you could be tempted into believing that it’s performing well for you. But if few of those leads are actually ending in sales, then in reality it’s costing your business valuable time and resources.

Proactive Call Tracking

Simply put, using call tracking will help you eliminate unqualified leads, close on more sales, and bring your marketing and sales teams together. Not only will your marketing team have access to vital information to better form content to draw in solid leads, but also your sales team will be equipped with comprehensive data surrounding every call. And you’ll have all the intel you need so you can analyze individual sales calls or view call metrics over a period of several months. 

Take the Next Step

Virtually every business can benefit from improved conversion rates. The good news is, lead tracking can enable you to achieve that goal. Contact the Advocado team today and learn how we can help your business hit it off with more leads than ever before! Plus, you can get a first-hand glimpse of call tracking just by requesting a free demo below:



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