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How Does Omni Channel Marketing Automation Work?

10 December 2018


Automation in marketing is nothing new. For years professionals have utilized automated technology to engage with leads and improve customer experience. However, omni channel marketing automation functions a little differently than your average chatbot or pre-programmed email thread. Omni channel marketing involves accurate tracking of consumer behavior and automated responses to their actions. Sound confusing? It’s actually more accessible than it first appears. We’ll explain here:

Omni Channel Marketing 101

For the uninitiated, omni channel strategies work to link and coordinate related pieces of marketing and advertising content across a wide array of platforms and media. Since most consumers will interact with a business in a variety of ways before they make a purchase decision, it’s important for marketers to plan for these activities with platform-specific content. In brief, omni channel marketing tactics aim to create a comprehensive content network that nevertheless retains an overarching message and tone.

Tracking Consumer Behavior

The more marketing professionals understand about their consumer base, the better they can advertise to them. In order to successfully implement an omni channel marketing strategy, then, businesses need to know exactly how consumers react to their content. Without automated tracking methods, businesses will have no way to determine which blogs, digital ads, social media posts (etc.) resonated with customers. And, as a result, they’ll be unable to enhance their marketing and advertising material with precision. In the past, businesses might have used surveys to determine the efficacy of their marketing efforts. But surveys aren’t always cost-effective, and they don’t provide definitive, comprehensive results.

Rather, the best programs –– like call tracking software –– will enable a business owner to see which pieces of content generated which sales. (No guesswork, no awkward interviews.) Call tracking automatically logs this data, and can provide professionals with a tangible way to measure their marketing success.

Omni Channel Automation & Performance

It’s beneficial to be able to track prior consumer behaviors. But what if there was a way to proactively alter marketing and advertising material to inspire more sales? Thanks to breakthroughs in omni channel tracking and enhancement by companies like Advocado, business owners don’t have to wonder anymore. With our flagship product, MicroMoment+, businesses will have access to a program that automatically adjusts Google AdWords bids in conjunction with off-site advertising, such as broadcast commercials. (This practice in particular will help businesses leverage the most profitable opportunities to engage with consumers. After all, leads are most likely to perform a mobile search for your product just after they view a commercial for it.) By strategically boosting digital advertisements alongside offline content –– while tracking consumer behavior –– businesses can maximize their advertising spend, lower costs, and dramatically improve ROI and ROAS.

Final Thoughts

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