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How Can Call Tracking Analytics Help Your Quality Score?

By Brian Handrigan on May 7, 2018 |


For many companies, having a high quality score on Google Ads is fundamental not only to their success in advertising –– but also to the viability of their business. Indeed, any company that utilizes Google Ads within their marketing strategy needs to make it a point to constantly improve their ad performance –– as well as their quality score. That’s because entrepreneurs who prioritize Ads optimization will reap the benefits of lowered costs and higher conversion rates. So as the title of this blog alludes, today we’ll be answering a question every savvy business owner should be asking: how can call tracking analytics help your quality score?

Quality Score 101

If you don’t completely understand your Google Ads quality score, don’t worry. For one, nobody outside of Google’s innermost cabal knows exactly how Google’s algorithm calculates an Google Ads quality score. However, we are privy to the fact that there are five factors that influence an Google Ads score. They are: 

  • Click-through rate
  • Keyword Relevance
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Ad Text Relevance
  • Previous Account Performance

Of these five, your ads click-through rates are most important in determining your quality score.

Why You Want a High Quality Score

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google costs money, but how much you have to pay for a given sales conversion through Google Ads depends largely on your quality score. The reason for this comes back to the age-old battle for top-spot on Google’s rankings. Historically speaking, ads and web pages that appear at the top of Google’s results for a search query get more clicks and visitors than those that appear at the bottom of those pages. So where does your Google Ads quality score come into play? Google uses it –– along with the size of your bid for a given keyword and your ad extension data –– to determine the rankings for your ad in comparison to those of your competitors. In simpler terms, the better your quality score, the higher your ads will appear on Google. And to extrapolate from that point, the more exposure your ads get, the likelier you’ll see more conversions as a result. So even if you pay the same cost-per-click rate as your competitors, you could end up enjoying a much lower cost-per-conversion rate if you have a dynamite quality score.

How Call Tracking Improves Your Quality Score

The best way to get a higher quality score is to produce ads that are successful –– that answer a customer's needs and generate clicks. Call tracking analytics provide businesses with the unmatched ability to analyze and optimize every single ad within their campaigns. Thanks to advances in call tracking technology, you can now assign a unique phone number to each piece of marketing content you create. In this way, you’ll be able to monitor the performance of each of your ads. But that’s not all; additionally, you’ll be able to determine how to improve your Google Ads performance based on the results supplied by call tracking data. The best call tracking metrics go beyond the call –– so you can see which ads are leading to sales (conversions) and which ones aren’t.

Rather than viewing call tracking as a reactive metric, the most progressive companies use them to actively optimize their Google Ads with more refined text, more relevant keywords, and better-performing landing pages. Remember, the more specific and customer-centric your ads and landing pages are, the better results you’ll see. With call tracking, you’ll be able to unpack the minutiae behind successful Google Ads optimization and find the best keywords and phrases to give your company the edge over the competition.

The Bottom Line

Having a high quality score is imperative for any company looking to lower their cost-per-conversion rates. Plain and simple the best way to achieve that goal is with call tracking technology. In addition though, call tracking will improve the way you market yourself from top-to-bottom: from initial lead generation to closing sales, call tracking is the only way to give your team the advantages they need to succeed. Contact the Advocado team today to get started! Also, make sure to download our free case study. We’ll show you how we revolutionized the way a company used PPC advertising –– so that you can save money and increase sales just as they did!

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

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