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How Call Tracking Metrics Bring Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level

13 December 2017


As a modern marketing manager for your company or for your client, you have a diverse and complex array of marketing tools at your disposal. And, you are probably using several different marketing methods to generate leads. But, how do you assess which marketing strategies are providing you with the greatest ROI?

Analytics Tools

You are most likely making use of various analytics tools in order to evaluate how your website and digital campaigns are performing. While these analytics may be providing you with a certain amount of data, you cannot see the whole picture if you don’t have a way to also analyze phone calls generated by your website. Without call tracking metrics, you don’t even know how many leads or sales your website is producing.

Marketing Channels and Call Tracking

Apart from your website, call tracking can compile important data on phone leads you receive from all possible marketing channels: billboards; direct mail; email; pay-per-click; print; social media; television; web. Call tracking allows you to assign a different call tracking number for each marketing campaign or platform. You will know which click, campaign or platform is driving the most leads & revenue.

Call Tracking Metrics

While knowing just how many calls are generated by each marketing campaign is good basic information, call tracking metrics will provide you with additional valuable data as described below.

  • Call Duration – Did the call last long enough to turn into a good lead, or did the caller hang up after a few seconds? If you know that callers are not staying on the line for long, it gives you the chance to figure out why. Call duration reports can filter out quick spam calls, robo calls, wrong numbers, etc., giving you much more accurate and actionable data.
  • Call Volume – Call tracking relieves you of the chore of manually tracking how many calls you receive. You will also know the call volume of each of your marketing campaigns
  • Call Patterns - You can see which times of day, days of the week, and locations yield the most calls that have converted. Armed with this information, you can adjust your bids accordingly to make the most of your PPC dollars.
  • Most Frequent Callers – Your most frequent callers are most likely your best customers. If you know who they are, you can pay them special attention, offer them special deals or follow-up products or services.
  • First-time Callers – Once you know who a first-time caller is, you can follow up to see whether they proceeded any further down the sales funnel, or whether you need to pay attention to more nurturing.
  • Web Pages – With call tracking metrics you will know which pages generated the most calls, produced the most quality leads, achieved the highest call conversion rates, resulted in the most new customers.
  • Keywords – You will know which keywords work best in your PPC campaigns – which produce the most leads and conversions.
  • PPC Click Performance – When visiting your PPC landing page, a prospect typically has two options - complete a contact form or call you. If you don’t have call tracking, you will only know how many forms were filled out, which could make it seem that your PPC conversion rate is lower than it actually is. 
  • Employee Performance – With call tracking metrics you will know how many leads each member of your sales team is converting into sales. This will enable you to determine the training needs of your sales team, which team members should handle the most calls, and which team members deserve raises, promotions, or dismissals.

Call Tracking Metrics from Advocado

Advocado will show you how to optimize your marketing efforts for your company or your client by using call metrics for analytics, attribution & optimization. With valuable data provided by call tracking metrics, you will have the ability to know how best to allocate your marketing resources, increase sales, and improve your ROI. Simply put, if you’re not tracking, you’re not marketing effectively. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for your marketing efforts.



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