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From Call Tracking to the Perfect Landing Page: 5 Modern Marketing How to’s

22 December 2017


Technology has changed the way the sales process works. No longer do businesses need to rely on cold calls and advertisements that were little more than shots in the dark. As such, it can sometimes be intimidating to try and determine the best practices for how your company should market itself in the modern world. Fortunately, with technology also comes new ways to reach your clientele. Here are five modern marketing tips to get you started:

Getting Started? Implement Call Tracking

Trying to run an effective marketing campaign without call tracking is like trying to run a marathon without shoes. At best it’s going to be a tremendous pain, and at worst it’s going to be downright impossible. Call tracking enables your business to see how effective your marketing efforts are; how many people you reach, and when you reach them. Without adequate call tracking software, your other efforts (no matter how well executed) are likely to fall flat.

Know Your Customers Before you Reach Them

Before you begin a marketing campaign, you need to determine who it is you’re trying to reach. Setting parameters is an essential way to get started with any successful endeavor. So figure out who you’re going to target, before you settle on a marketing strategy. It sounds simple, but putting the cart behind the horse is the only way to get the wagon moving.

Identify Your Space

You wouldn’t try to sell space heaters in the Mojave desert, nor should you market yourself on an online platform that won’t be profitable. If you’re going to achieve long-term success in digital marketing, you need to recognize where you’re going to have the most potential. Being niche isn’t a bad thing. Advertising in the wrong niche, though, is.

Make it Easy

People use the internet precisely because it isn’t difficult. So everything you do, from blogging, to ads, to PPC landing pages should be simple and efficient. And remember: a landing page should provide the easiest route to a conversion, so don't muddle it with unnecessary clutter.  Make sure to include a call to action and give it prime real estate on your page; you want people to fill out your forms and contact you!

In general, keep the content brief, and the design of your web pages functional rather than flashy. Over-saturating a potential customer with too much too soon is a great way to lose business in a flash.

Never Stop Learning

Because the way marketers reach consumers changes from year-to-year, no one can afford to rest on their laurels. Even if you’ve experienced success in the past, remaining static will cost you sooner rather than later. By using call tracking metrics and other online analytics tools you can see exactly where and how your business is making money and recognize where your falling short. Admitting when you need to change course isn’t a sign of weakness –– it’ll be good for both you and your business.

Next Steps

Ready to take your business to the next level with call tracking software? You can request a free 30 minute demo to get you started. TraaqrSMB from Advocado uses cutting-edge technology and actionable analytics to provide your company with the resources and data it needs to be successful.  



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