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Click-to-Call Tracking: The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Advertising

09 July 2018


Every business needs to prioritize their online advertising efforts. To start, digital ads can be expensive, and it doesn’t make any sense to pay for something that you don’t particularly value. Moreover, companies should understand their ads need to be managed closely in order to achieve their best possible results. So no matter what type of ad campaigns you run, chances are you could benefit from click-to-call tracking. Here then are several dos and don’ts associated with creating, tracking, and optimizing online ads: 

Do Your Research First

It sounds like a no-brainer of course, but before any business owner launches an advertising campaign they should conduct some degree of research first. Identifying which keywords and target markets you want to pursue is the first step toward developing sound advertising campaigns. Failure to cover this basic task will likely hamper your production from the get-go.

Don’t Set and Forget

An ad campaign is not a completed work of art. No matter how effective your methods have proved in the past you should resist the temptation to let your ads stagnate. In particular, some ads carry time-sensitive messages and need to be updated regularly. However, all ads can be improved upon –– if you have the right metrics to help you do so.

Do Monitor Performance

In the world of digital advertising, knowledge is everything. Knowing which keywords, ad copy, and content offers excite your consumer base is vital to improving your ads’ performance, and optimizing your return on ad spend (ROAS). Since many companies utilize click-to-call ads (advertisements that either directly connect the viewer to an offline sales rep, or else offer a phone number extension to call) and conduct a large portion of their sales over the phone, it’s essential that businesses have a means of determining which ads are able to consistently generate solid leads. That’s where call tracking comes in. With advanced call tracking tech, you can accurately attribute every sales call back to the campaign, keyword, or individual piece of content that inspired it in the first place. 

Don’t Guess 

Sometimes the best course of action is to trust your gut. When it comes to online advertising though, that’s rarely the case. Rather than making uninformed guesses and basically rolling the dice with your ad creation, it’s much wiser to study call tracking metrics that will help you identify the most successful strategies you’ve employed in the past. Isolate and explore your most effective techniques, and ditch what isn’t working.

Do Optimize Regularly

Once you have the means and information to improve your ads, your marketing team will be able to craft more engaging ad content than ever before. Just remember to make regular adjustments and alterations within your work. Having all the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you don’t act on it.

Don’t be Satisfied –– Ever

Are you happy with your current online advertising performance? You shouldn’t be. The truth is, no matter how proficient your ads have proved in the past, there’s always room for improvement. Yes, it’s great to bring in leads, calls, and conversions as a result of digital advertising, but it’s critical to always look to increase the revenue your ads create. Sales-focused call tracking metrics will allow you to see not only which ads are generating leads, but also identify which ads contribute to sales. Always keep this in mind when forming and editing ad content.

The Bottom Line

Need help bolstering your online ads? Call tracking will help you monitor, measure, and enhance the way you run ad campaigns. Contact the Advocado team today to get started. Plus, for a firsthand glimpse at how call tracking helped a company increase sales while decreasing ad spend at the same time, make sure to download our free case study here:



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