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Call Tracking: Your Marketing & Sales Key to Success

By Brian Handrigan on December 6, 2017 |


Marketing and Sales Integration with Call Tracking

If you are a marketing manager, it’s essential to work with your sales teams to make the sales process as streamlined and effective as possible. Marketing needs to drive home the fact that the best way to increase productivity is to invest in sales enabling technology, especially call tracking and call recording. However, once call analytics software is in place, best practices also need to be followed in order to optimize its use.

Inbound Marketing Calls

Your customers rely, more than ever, on the Internet to research products and services to address their needs. Therefore, the way inbound sales are handled is crucial to a sales team’s success. An inbound sales lead is far superior to a cold call prospect. Think about it; someone has made an effort to contact your company rather than the other way around. Your inbound sales rep has an inbound call that is one jump ahead of a rep’s outbound cold call, because the person making contact has already shown interest in your company’s products or services. However, to make the most of inbound marketing calls your company needs to invest in call tracking, attribution and recording technology.

Converting an Inbound Lead

Your sales staff need to know how to process the good leads that are produced by an effective digital marketing campaign. An inbound lead, even though it’s superior to a cold call, is still not a sure sale. It’s probable that the prospect has looked at what your competitors are offering. So, your sales team needs to quickly be able to assess the leads need and make a compelling case for why your product or service is the best option. If your sales team is spending too much time trying to collect lead source information or cannot do this, the inbound prospect may just move on to the next company on their list.

Inbound Sales Teams Should be Specialists

One sales team should specialize only in inbound calls. A big productivity killer is assigning a salesperson to more than one core sales function. Keep your inbound sales team separate from your outbound team. Generalized salespeople create inefficiencies and adversely impact a company’s bottom line.

The Importance of Call Analytics and Call Recording

Growing sales is a big challenge and investing money on call tracking and attribution technology is an investment that can make growth happen. Call tracking technology has improved to the extent that small and medium-sized businesses can now take advantage of a tool that was previously only available to larger companies. Call tracking and analytics will let you know how effective your sales team is in moving a prospect along the sales funnel while maximizing your digital marketing.

"How would you like a 34% reduction in digital marketing costs while increasing sales? With the right Call Tracking, Attribution & Optimization platform, that is a possibility."

Is Your Ad Spending Efficient?

Call tracking can track your online ad spending so that you will know which specific ads, keywords and clicks are working and which are not. This way you can optimize the use of your ad budget and even focus your social media team. Call tracking software works with your existing accounting, CRM, analytics, and other advertising/ marketing automation platforms, providing both marketing and sales with the fullest possible view of customer and lead generation data.

Integration - Call Tracking with Your CRM

Integrating call tracking software with a dynamic CRM produces a dynamo of an integrated system. You can easily see customer information, web history, phone call activity, and lead attribution, all in the application where your sales team lives. Call-related insights can be added to dashboards and workflows. Every lead can be linked back to its specific marketing source so that conversions and revenue can be uploaded to your digital advertising platforms and marketing ROI accurately assessed. While a CRM allows you to tie marketing campaigns to contact and lead records, without an integrated way to also take advantage of call tracking & recording, the whole picture will not be visible.

Integration – A Threesome Grouping

Advocado understands that marketing, sales and customer service need to work together as one, effective, winning unit. There should be an alignment of goals and processes used to first close a sale and then to continue to provide support and service to the customer. Call tracking should be an essential component of this integration. Talk to us and get on board with call tracking, attribution & optimization to improve your inbound marketing and sales conversions.

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

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