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Google Ads Call Tracking: Understanding This Critical Conversion Cycle

09 January 2018


Depending on the size of your company, you may be spending thousands of dollars (if not more) on pay-per click advertising campaigns with Google Ads. So to put it bluntly, it’s a big deal that you get the most bang for your buck in this area of your marketing repertoire. Spending money on Google Ads that don’t generate the leads (and more importantly, the sales that come from leads) that your business needs can be a crushing blow to even the most efficiently run companies. Fortunately, call tracking can help you get the most from your Google Ads efforts –– so that you see a substantial return on your investments. Here’s how call tracking can transform the way you think about Google Ads:

The Google Ads Call Tracking Relationship

Since businesses spend large amounts of time and money tweaking, perfecting, and optimizing their Google Ads, it would stand to reason that they’d also consider measuring the effectiveness of those Google Ads. This isn’t always the case, though. If your company pays for Google Ads, but doesn't complement them with call tracking software, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. In addition to providing metrics and solving problems across marketing campaigns, call tracking can provide you with unique phone numbers associated with your different Google Ads –– so that you can identify which Google Ads are drawing in the most qualified potential customers and which ones are costing you money. In short call tracking takes the guesswork out of running your Google Ads campaigns.

Optimizing Google Ads with Call Tracking

Basic call tracking softwares will provide you with the metrics derived from the success of your Google Ads. However, not all call tracking services are created equal. Companies with more advanced Google Ads call tracking software like TraaqrSMB from Advocado can offer even more. First, the software will differentiate leads generated from sales generated by Google Ads. While increased web traffic is great, sales allow companies to grow, and should obviously be prioritized over potential customers. But that’s not all. Once the software splits leads from sales, it optimizes the Google Ads to favor the most successful campaigns –– the ones that are driving customers to your site. Rather than merely generating more traffic with Google Ads, call tracking software can ensure more of your "clicks" turn into sales. Yes, you read that right. Call tracking isn’t just a tool to gain vital information on how your Google Ads are performing; it can actively improve them. 

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