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Advocado with Traaqr: The Ultimate Cross Channel Marketing Asset

08 August 2018


Does your business advertise online? On television? Have you struggled to attribute or optimize your marketing spend in the past? Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to track marketing performance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we’ve got great news for you.

Advocado and Traaqr have merged in order to provide the only comprehensive broadcast-to-digital-to offline tracking solution for businesses looking to maximize their marketing and advertising ROI. How does it work? We’re glad you asked!

What is Advocado?

In brief, we are Advocado. We are a group of professionals dedicated to providing companies across industries with innovative methods to measure and boost their marketing and advertising performance. We have years of experience in a number of ventures and we’re ready to help solve your marketing attribution issues –– from call attribution, to monitoring commercial broadcast effectiveness and everything in between.

Introducing MicroMoment+

For years, companies advertising on television have struggled to accurately gauge the worth of their ads. Our new program, MicroMoment+, helps close the loop on the attribution problems that have plagued marketers in the past. And it starts with this basic principle: most people watch television with their smartphone. This isn’t revelatory in and of itself, but since most broadcast commercials lead to digital searches, marketers can now establish a link between broadcast and digital marketing –– with the right tools. That’s where we come in. With MicroMoment+ Analytics, a company can pinpoint the number of digital searches related to every commercial they air. In other words, when someone makes an online search after seeing one of your TV ads, MicroMoment+ captures that information and compiles the data for you!

What’s more, MicroMoment+ AdBot takes things to the next level. Instead of just providing reactive metrics, this package allows businesses to actively improve their digital ad campaigns. Again, it starts with the airing of a TV commercial. Only this time, MicroMoment+ AdBot optimizes a company’s Google AdWords ad bids in conjunction with the broadcast commercial. Thus, a business can increase their online presence at the most strategically, advantageous moments –– and ensure that anyone searching for their product or service during one of their commercials finds them.

TraaqrSMB and Call Tracking

At Advocado, we don’t stop there, though. In addition to connecting broadcast and digital media, we also strive to provide the best call tracking service on the market. With the call tracking technology that is built into MicroMoment+, a company can accurately measure and attribute the effectiveness of their online marketing content and advertisements. So when a customer calls your business based on one of your digital marketing efforts –– you’ll be able to attribute the call back to the original piece of content. Advocado also offers this call tracking technology as a standalone product –– TraaqrSMB –– which is built for, you guessed it, SMB clients.

In short, if your company advertises online, but closes sales over-the-phone, you need call tracking. The good news is, when you make the switch to TraaqrSMB, you’ll gain access to in-depth call data, accurate marketing attribution, and ad-optimization capabilities. Track ROI, improve your marketing content, and give your sales team all the intel they need to succeed with TraaqrSMB.

The Bottom Line

Advocado and Traaqr have come together to offer businesses of all sizes the chance to measure, monitor, and improve their marketing and sales performance. Online, through the airwaves, and over the phone, Advocado makes sure you never miss out on an opportunity to grow your company. And thanks to this merger, companies with varying levels of advertising investments can get access to these advanced tracking methods. Contact us today to learn more and to find the package that works best for your situation.


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