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6 Advantages to Inbound Call Tracking

By Brian Handrigan on June 11, 2018 |


Chances are, you’ve heard of inbound marketing before. Even if you don’t know the dictionary definition of the term, most business owners will be familiar with inbound marketing in practice. For instance: if you write professional blogs, promote your brand on social media, or do any work to increase your website’s visibility on search engines, then you’re using inbound marketing strategies. Naturally then, companies that utilize inbound marketing strategies need a data and analytics system that can support their activity. Enter, inbound call tracking. Today, we’ll outline six advantages business owners get when they switch over to inbound call tracking techniques, so that you can start marketing smarter ASAP:

Comprehensive Data Clarity

Have you ever struggled to put a puzzle together, only to find out after hours of hard work that you’re missing a few vital pieces? It’s a frustrating experience to say the least. Many entrepreneurs can surely relate to this feeling; after all, without call tracking, it’s virtually impossible to gain a clear and comprehensive picture of how effective your inbound marketing efforts are. The good news is, call tracking software provides entrepreneurs with those missing pieces of data; so instead of guessing at which elements of a marketing campaign are driving leads to your website, you can know for sure.

Accurate Marketing ROI

Call tracking enables business owners to properly gauge their marketing return on investment. Shocking though it may be to some, plenty of companies are in the dark when it comes to understanding their marketing performance in plain dollars and cents. However, with call tracking software, you’ll be able to attribute every sale made offline, back to the online content that generated it. No more missing links, no more “best estimates.” Just easy-to-understand facts and figures.

Optimized Content

Once you’ve determined which blogs, web pages, ads, and social media posts are garnering leads and sales, you can then work to make them even better. Call tracking metrics will clue you into the keywords and trends that your customers value –– so you can in turn generate more focused and profitable content.

Strategic Changes and Analysis

Want to look at the performance of an ad campaign over a six-month period? How about taking a deep dive into your blogs relating to a specific product? With call tracking, you’ll have the tools and the insight to make better strategic decisions. So you can decide when it’s time to up the ante with your marketing budget, and when it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Improved Marketing-Sales Cohesion

Thanks to call tracking innovations from companies like Advocado, the best call tracking data can take you beyond the call. In plainer terms, advanced call tracking won’t just let you see which pieces of marketing content are creating leads –– it will also show you which of your marketing efforts are generating sales. This way, you can focus on forming sales-focused media, and bring your marketing and sales teams together like never before.

Increased Sales and Lower Costs

Armed with all of these advantages, businesses who use call tracking will likely see an increase in their conversion rates and sales numbers, while also managing to decrease their ad spend. That’s because call tracking is all about optimization. With call tracking data, you can focus on improving future performance, rather than merely dwelling on the past.

The Bottom Line

If your business employs inbound marketing techniques online, but still relies on offline phone calls to close sales, then call tracking analytics can help you bridge the gap between the two. Contact the Advocado team today to learn how we can help you implement new marketing and sales tactics. Plus, to see how call tracking works up-close, download our free case study here

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

Co-founder and CEO of Advocado, Brian is a proven entrepreneur with a passion for expanding the intersection of technology and communication. He is a true innovator and has been a founder or co-founder of multiple startups. His talent to see “beyond the known” and identify the real opportunity has resulted in some of the most creative omni-channel solutions to date and was instrumental in inspiring the vision of Advocado. Brian has over twenty years of experience working leading companies such as TD Ameritrade, ADP, Walmart, WPP and major health insurance companies.