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5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Call Tracking System

By Brian Handrigan on June 1, 2018 |


Every business owner should constantly be on the lookout for an edge –– that little, seemingly insignificant  improvement that makes all the difference. No matter what your business does, savvy entrepreneurs know that they need to look for ways to improve their internal processes if they’re ever going to outperform their competitors. One way entrepreneurs have long looked to gain a tactical advantage is through tech upgrades. To that point, today we’re going to outline five big reasons you should consider updating your call tracking system. (Don’t currently have call tracking software at your work? Don’t worry –– you can still use this blog to get acquainted with some basic call tracking features.)

Proper ROI Calculation

It’s one thing to be able to accurately calculate your overall marketing return on investment (ROI). Ideally, your call tracking software should allow you to not only determine your ROI as a whole, but also break down individual campaigns, ads, and pieces of content to calculate "individual ROI." If you don’t have the metrics to determine specific ROI statistics for every campaign you run, then you need to revise the way you think about call tracking.

Tracking Social Media Engagement

Every business should prioritize their social media pages. After all, it’s often the first way companies interact with their consumer base. As such, it’s now more important than ever for companies to measure their social media engagement levels. If you’re not able to track the clicks, downloads, and calls that your social media posts generated, then you’re always going to struggle to keep up with the competition. Fortunately, advanced call tracking software can provide you with those very metrics.

Stagnant Content

Most of us recognize the feeling of being completely stuck on a project and not knowing how best to proceed. If you’re experiencing that right now with your content creation (blogs, social media posts, advertisements) then your call tracking system is letting you down. That’s because the best call tracking software won’t just let you know how well your individual pieces of content are performing –– it will also provide you with a blueprint for optimizing future content. Remember: the best technology offers proactive, not reactive, solutions.

Incomplete Conversions

What is a conversion in any case? It can be difficult to get a straight answer, unfortunately. Some businesses like to define a conversion as a lead who decides to download a content offer; others only consider a conversion to take place once a lead makes a phone call to a salesperson. But what happens after the phone call is actually most vital to your company’s success. That is, whether or not a lead decides to do business with you is ultimately what matters most. The difference between average call tracking systems and the most advanced ones is their ability to go beyond the call. With the best call tracking software, you’ll be able to see which calls resulted in sales, and which didn’t. In this way, you’ll always have a complete picture of your marketing/sales performance.

Lack of Marketing/Sales Cohesion

 The bad news is that a lack of marketing-sales chemistry can manifest itself in a number of ways, including:

  • Increased ad spend without improved sales performance.
  • Lower conversion rates.
  • Inconsistent sales call times.
  • Inability to close sales.
  • Low customer satisfaction levels.

If your company is currently dealing with one or more of these issues, then you need to implement a more sophisticated method of call tracking ASAP.

Final Thoughts

No business can run perfectly. However, every business owner should constantly be on the lookout for new ways to improve their operation. If you haven’t given your call tracking software much thought recently, now might be the time to reconsider it. Contact the Advocado team today for more information! Plus, to see the many benefits a top-of-the-line call tracking system can offer your business, download our free case study here:  

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

Co-founder and CEO of Advocado, Brian is a proven entrepreneur with a passion for expanding the intersection of technology and communication. He is a true innovator and has been a founder or co-founder of multiple startups. His talent to see “beyond the known” and identify the real opportunity has resulted in some of the most creative omni-channel solutions to date and was instrumental in inspiring the vision of Advocado. Brian has over twenty years of experience working leading companies such as TD Ameritrade, ADP, Walmart, WPP and major health insurance companies.