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5 Marketing Call Tracking Tools to Build a Winning Campaign

By Brian Handrigan on July 3, 2018 |


Good marketing never stops. Instead, marketers develop new strategies all the time to cater to the ever-changing needs of their clients. In the same vein, marketers who are looking to build better campaigns, ads, and content in general need every edge they can get. After all, using the same methods you’ve employed in the past won’t likely help you achieve improved results in the future. The good news is, call tracking offers marketers the opportunity to optimize the way they operate –– from the ground up! Here are five  marketing call tracking tools that will help you form better campaigns:

Call Attribution

The first, (and most basic) advantage call tracking offers marketers is the ability to monitor consumer activity offline as well as on. Indeed, many companies struggle to follow their leads’ behavior once they move offline. However, with call attribution, you can link offline sales calls back to the online marketing content that created it. In this way, you’ll always know which pieces of of content are generating sales calls and which aren’t.

Dynamic Number Tracking

To go more in depth, dynamic number tracking takes the simple concept of call attribution to the next level. In brief, dynamic numbers allow businesses to customize how they want to track phone calls. Whether you want to focus on keywords, campaigns, or individual ads or blogs, you can do so with unique number tracking. 

Ad-Spend Optimization

Once marketers have the intel that call tracking offers (i.e., which ads are generating phone calls and which aren’t) they can use that information to form better ads in the future. By perfecting techniques that got results in the past –– as well as editing or removing ineffective material –– a marketing team can successfully lower their ad spend while increasing leads at the same time. 

Sales-Driven Marketing Metrics 

Sometimes getting your marketing and sales departments to work together can feel like running a three-legged race. And anything that can improve internal collaboration is something that every business owner should explore. To that end, advanced call tracking technology will improve the way your marketing and sales teams coordinate with beyond-the-call metrics. Rather than merely having access to the number of calls any given piece of content, keyword, or campaign created, the most sophisticated call tracking metrics will allow business owners the ability to view the number of sales generated also. See the results of every call and start building content that produces profitable results.

In-Depth Stats 

When you integrate call tracking software with your CRM, you can view a wide variety of metrics that will allow you to isolate and identify what works in your marketing strategies and what doesn’t. Whether you want to zero-in on the performance of a particular ad group, or you want to study broader stats over a long period of time, call tracking metrics gives you the power to do so. With call tracking technology, you can make smart adjustments based on facts –– not intuitions, gut-feelings, or best-guesses.

Final Thoughts

For marketers seeking to survive and thrive on the competitive modern landscape, call tracking is a must. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to accurately calculate ROI, attribute sales to content, or improve your internal processes. But don’t just settle for run-of-the-mill call tracking tech; contact the Advocado team for access to the best call tracking software on the market. Plus, to get a firsthand glimpse of what call tracking can do for you, check out our free case study here:  

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Brian Handrigan

Written by Brian Handrigan

Co-founder and CEO of Advocado, Brian is a proven entrepreneur with a passion for expanding the intersection of technology and communication. He is a true innovator and has been a founder or co-founder of multiple startups. His talent to see “beyond the known” and identify the real opportunity has resulted in some of the most creative omni-channel solutions to date and was instrumental in inspiring the vision of Advocado. Brian has over twenty years of experience working leading companies such as TD Ameritrade, ADP, Walmart, WPP and major health insurance companies.