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4 Ways Call Tracking Benefits Your Sales Team

04 January 2018


Call tracking software is an essential aspect to any successful marketing campaign. But in addition to providing incredible services catered to marketing, call tracking can also greatly assist your sales team. Indeed, call tracking can help your business cultivate a healthy return on investment by supplying your sales staff the information they need to be successful. And to that end, here are four ways that call tracking can benefit your sales team:

Know More than Ever Before

It wasn’t that long ago that calls between potential customers and salespersons were little more than shots in the dark. The only information you might see was a phone number with an unfamiliar area code at the front. Now though, companies like Advocado have created call tracking software that can provide your sales team with all the relevant information they need to make a sale. In addition to a caller’s name, Advocado call tracking software will show a salesperson the caller’s name, geographic location, what ad or web page promoted their call, and even how long they’ve viewed certain pieces of content. Armed with that much knowledge, your sales staff will be better positioned than ever to convert leads into clients.

Increase Quality Leads

Call tracking metrics allows you to see which marketing campaigns are bringing in serious leads and which aren’t producing. From there you can work to increase the number of qualified leads calling your sales staff. Rather than spending time and resources on unqualified leads, call tracking will put your sales team in contact with consumers ready to engage with your company. From there, your sales staff will be in the best position possible to forge a working relationship with a lead and make a sale.

Record Important Conversations

Call tracking records conversations between team members, and those between leads and your sales team. So you’ll be able to review what sales techniques worked, and what fell flat in practice. It’ll also help you recognize team members that go above and beyond, and how they turn a lead into a sale.

Encourage Cohesion Between Marketing and Sales

In an ideal world, marketing and sales would work together seamlessly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. However, with call tracking software your sales team will have access to vital information regarding potential clients that will help your business run smoother. And your marketing team will be able to craft a strategy that increases the likelihood of generating quality leads. Your sales staff will appreciate the boost, and you’ll likely see an upturn in their numbers because of it.

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