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4 Overlooked Call Metrics that Can Make a Huge Difference

02 May 2018


Simply deciding to use call tracking metrics and implementing strategies based on their results is a step that many businesses fail to take. Indeed, just using the barest of call tracking software to measure the effectiveness of your marketing/sales efforts will give you a leg up on most of your competitors. But what should you do when you’re ready to take things to the next level? What about companies that want more from their call tracking data? In this post we'll address those very questions. Here are four overlooked call metrics that can make a big difference in your business’s bottom line:

Call Length

One of the best aspects of advanced call tracking technology is the ability to study the outcomes of individual sales calls. In fact, you could even go back and listen to the entirety of a call should you so choose. However, one metric in particular often proves handy in determining the efficacy of your sales tactics: call length. Figuring out how long your sales team spends on the phone –– and how long on average it takes them to close a deal –– will enable you to calculate the value of a successful sale down to the minute.

Lead Sources

With call tracking technology you can attach unique phone numbers to different pieces of marketing content. As such, you can then further divide your leads into as many categories as you’d like. One of the best avenues to explore is “organic” content leads ( leads generated by blog posts, informative pages on your site, etc.) vs PPC leads. Figuring out what’s bringing in your existing leads can help you better craft a marketing to attract new customers. Furthermore, you can even decide to zero in on specific pieces of content and re-configure or optimize them as you see fit.

Landing Page Performance

In tandem with studying your PPC leads, it’s also a wise decision to analyze how well your landing pages are performing. Ideally, any lead that clicks on a landing page link should decide to do business with you. However, that’s not always the case. And sometimes this problem arises because of a discrepancy between your advertisements and your landing pages. Make sure both are synchronized and promise your visitors the same thing. Additionally, do everything in your power to create landing pages that are intuitive and easy-to-access. Plus, with call tracking software you can determine which of your landing pages are performing well and which are failing to seal the deal with your leads. 

Annual Trends

Occasionally, getting the answers we need requires doing tremendous amounts of research and application. Other times, the best solutions are right in front of our face. Fortunately with call tracking software, you can both dig through the minutiae as well as view overarching trends and patterns that can grant you vital insight. Checking annual or monthly reports to discover what works over long periods of time can provide you with the perfect blueprint to move your company forward.


Whether you’ve never utilized call tracking software before, or you’re looking to explore some of the deepest cuts on offer, tracking your leads and sales will actively improve your operation. Contact the Advocado team today and see how we can help your company take full advantage of the most advanced call tracking technology available. And for more information about the power of call tracking, download our free case study here.



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