Omni Channel Marketing Solutions to 4 Common Problems

14 January 2019


As with any new strategy, omni channel marketing exists to address problems that businesses encountered in the past. After all, if omni channel marketing didn’t offer tangible solutions to common issues, it wouldn’t have much value. Rest assured though, omni channel marketing tactics can help your company reach more qualified leads and close more sales –– regardless of your industry. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these four omni channel marketing solutions in action:

Problem: Low Exposure

Solution: Cross-channel marketing tactics. Long gone are the days when consumers would only interact with one or two pieces of marketing content before they arrived at a purchase decision. Now, consumers will typically consult a variety of sources –– across different media –– before they buy anything. Omni channel marketing, thankfully, ensures that your business’s message is available wherever interested leads go –– both online and offline.

Problem: Broken Continuity

Solution: Connected content network. Most businesses employ some form of multi channel marketing. Yet, there’s a big difference between creating content on different platforms and creating an omni channel marketing experience. The key is to build a content network that allows consumers to interact with your work at every stage of the customer journey. The more relevant information you can offer your leads, the more they’ll trust you when they make their final decision.

Problem: Increased Ad Spend

Solution: Real-time ad enhancement. Of course, every business has to allocate an advertising budget in order to gain more leads and revenue. Still, business owners shouldn’t have to consistently sanction increases in ad spend just to “maintain” those efforts. This doesn’t make financial sense. Thanks to breakthroughs in omni channel marketing from companies like Advocado, though, businesses can enhance their advertisements in real time. Our flagship product, MicroMoment+ Adbot automatically bolsters Google Ads bids in conjunction with offline TV commercials. By boosting online ads alongside offline efforts, businesses can capture their leads’ attention at the most profitable moments.

Problem: Low Conversion Rates

Solution: Omni channel attribution. As we’ve covered above, most consumers interact with many different aspects of a given marketing campaign before they purchase a product. And it’s essential that businesses understand how consumers interact with that content and be able to form working models of different customer journeys. Call tracking is one way for businesses to attribute sales made offline back to the online content that generated it. This not only allows companies to accurately measure and analyze their marketing ROI, but also actively improve their strategies in the future.

Final Thoughts

All businesses should strive to create efficient and profitable marketing campaigns that produce consistent results. But without the right tools, even the most dedicated professionals will struggle to achieve their goals. At Advocado, it’s our mission to equip marketers with all of the resources they need to create better content, generate more leads, and increase revenue. Contact us here to get started today, or for more information, check out our video presentation below:  New call-to-action



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