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4 Key Metrics Your Current Call Reporting Won’t Tell You

28 March 2018


We didn’t invent call reporting here at Advocado. Far from it, call tracking in one form or another has existed for a while now. However, we’re committed to delivering the best call-tracking product to date, and though some companies have been around for longer, they can’t offer the same in-depth features available with only the most advanced call tracking software. So if you’re currently under contract with a call tracking company, or you’ve been perusing your options, here are four vital things that only the best call tracking companies can supply:

Precise Call Attribution

Plain and simple, call tracking at its finest should solve a simple dilemma that has plagued businesses since the advent of online marketing: how do you determine which pieces of online content are generating offline phone calls? If your call tracking software can’t answer that basic question of call attribution, then you should be concerned. The best call tracking companies will allow you to see which pieces of online content led to sales calls.

Sale Attribution

Figuring out which ads, blogs, and social media posts inspired people to call your company is a great start. But wouldn’t it be better if your call reporting data could also tell you what online content was driving sales instead of merely phone calls? After all, a phone call without a sale at the end of it isn’t of any value to your business. Call tracking should help improve your sales numbers –– and enable you to determine which of your marketing efforts are most effective.

In-Depth Call Data

For your sales team to perform better, they need information about each caller before they can attempt to close on a sale. Without the most advanced call tracking software, your sales team won’t be able to access essential information about your customers like their name, location, and how they arrived at your website when they answer the phone. But thanks to innovations in the call tracking field by companies like Advocado, you can finally give your sales team the edge they need.

Marketing ROI

ROI is one of the trickiest marketing metrics to accurately assess. And if you don’t have the most effective call tracking technology on your side, you’ll always struggle to assign a definitive dollar figure to your online marketing campaigns. Though ROI can be difficult to determine, it’s critical that you make the effort to do so. Otherwise, you’ll persist in squandering vital funds on marketing efforts that just plain aren’t working for you.

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