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4 Insights Social Media Tracking Offers Progressive Businesses

10 July 2018


As a society, we love using social media. In fact, the average person will spend roughly five years of their life perusing various social media platforms. As such, it’s not surprising that many businesses have identified social media as an underdeveloped market –– and believe they can use organic social media posts and advertisements to their advantage. And to a large degree –– they’re right. Ads on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can prove very effective at drawing in leads. However, if you’re not actively employing social media tracking methods alongside your marketing and advertising efforts, you’re missing out. Here then are four advantages social media call tracking brings to the table –– that you won’t get anywhere else: 

Precise Keyword and Campaign Tracking

Business owners entering the field of social media marketing might not initially grasp the need for advanced social media metrics. After all, most social media platforms do a pretty good job at letting you know how many clicks, likes, and shares you’ve accrued as a result of your posts. Don’t be fooled though, these numbers won’t tell the whole story. Instead, business owners should look for more precise details when analyzing their social media performance. Monitoring the effectiveness of certain keywords (or even individual posts) at generating clicks, calls, and (most importantly) sales is often a great place to start. Additionally, with call tracking software you can compare and contrast the performance of  entire campaigns –– on the same social media platform or across channels. 

Identify Engaging Content

As alluded to above, a social media post that garners a high number of “likes” won’t necessarily help you improve your bottom line. Rather, companies should seek to identify the posts that inspire consumers to pick up the phone and call your business. (In other words, value quality over quantity.) Since most companies still close most of their sales over the phone, it’s important that business owners have the ability to attribute those offline sales calls back to the pieces of content that created them. That’s where call tracking tech can help you. What’s more, progressive companies can then use intel derived from call attribution to craft more profitable posts in the future.

Calculate ROI and ROAS 

So far we’ve focused mostly on “organic” social media content –– posts that you create from your page for free. Of course though, plenty of companies utilize ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For those businesses it’s all the more important to implement call tracking software in order to accurately assess their ad spend. Otherwise, your marketing team will struggle to properly calculate your return on ad spend (ROAS) and you could end up wasting substantial capital on ads that plain aren’t bringing in calls and driving sales. 

Blueprint for Future Content 

Thinking about call tracking as a reactive tool means you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity for your company. That’s because call tracking metrics for social media provide businesses with the key to creating more effective posts and ads in the future. By zeroing in on the marketing content that resonates with leads and generates revenue-driving sales calls, you can more efficiently run your social media campaigns. Additionally, you can base changes in strategy on in-depth statistics and trends –– as opposed to following a “gut feeling.”

Final Thoughts

Social media call tracking is, in reality, just one facet of the overarching capability of call tracking technology. With the best call tracking services, you’ll be able to view the effectiveness of all your marketing and advertising efforts –– from social media, to blog posts, to search-engine advertisements, and more! Contact the Advocado team and get the advantage your business needs to go to the next level. Also, make sure to download our free case study and see for yourself just what kind of impact call tracking can make for your company!



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