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4 Call Tracking Tools For Beginners to Explore

30 May 2018


Resistance to change is one of the biggest obstacles businesses across industries face. Indeed, even the most adventurous entrepreneurs occasionally find themselves reticent to embrace new technologies and procedures. The good news is, when it comes to call tracking, we can help you hit the ground running after you’ve installed your new system. With that in mind, here are four call tracking tools that anyone can get started with almost immediately:

Conversion Rate Analytics

Everyone has their own preferred method for tracking conversions. Some business owners prefer to count conversions when a lead downloads a content offer. Still others reserve the title of “conversion,” only for those customers who complete the sales journey. Regardless, however you choose to track conversions, call tracking technology can help you monitor them more closely –– and optimize your content to create more conversions. So rather than trying to guess at what marketing and advertising content drives sales, you can instead identify the most successful campaigns, posts, and pieces you’ve created.

Call Recordings

The only way to improve your sales process is by examining it first. After all, introspection is as valuable in business practice as it is in one’s personal life. To expand on this point, call tracking software will record all the calls your sales team makes with interested leads. From there, you can pore over the minutiae of a single call –– or examine larger trends in call length and success rates. So whether you’re looking to improve how your sales team approaches calls, or you’re trying to determine why certain patterns are developing, call recordings will help you do so.

Calculating ROI and ROAS

Most business owners talk about getting the most bang for their buck. However, few will actually take the steps necessary to ensure they receive the best possible returns from their marketing and advertising spend. Fortunately, with call tracking you can easily calculate both return on investment and/or return on ad spend (ROI and ROAS) –– depending on your preferred marketing tactics.

Dynamic Phone Numbers

One of the greatest advantages call tracking technology brings to the table is the ability to connect offline sales calls back to the online content that generated it. And you can achieve this by implementing dynamic call tracking numbers. Essentially, a dynamic phone number changes based on the path a lead chose to take. So if a lead decided to call your business based on an ad, they’ll do so with a different phone number than if they made the call from a blog post. In this way you can ensure every conversion in your system is accounted for –– along with the content that generated it.

The Bottom Line

Getting started with new technology can be a difficult transition for any business. Thankfully, these call tracking tools will provide you with a perfect way to get started implementing a new call tracking system at your company. Contact the Advocado team today and learn what call tracking can do for your business. Plus, to get a firsthand glimpse at what Traaqr’s unique call tracking software can offer your operation, download our free case study here:



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