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4 Benefits of Omni Channel Marketing

03 January 2019


In some of our previous blogs, we’ve outlined how omni channel marketing works, how it differs from traditional marketing methods, and how businesses can begin to implement omni channel marketing practices within their current campaigns. Sometimes though, it’s beneficial to take a step back from the details and explain why omni channel marketing is valuable in the first place. To that end, today we’ll focus on four tangible benefits omni channel marketing provides –– regardless of your company’s size or industry:

Increased Lead Generation

At the heart of every marketing strategy is, naturally, lead generation. Omni channel marketing tactics aim to inspire leads to take action by offering relevant content across a variety of channels in a consistent, but user-specific, manner. Omni channel marketing increases exposure, but not just for the sake of gaining more followers on social media or subscribers to a blog. Rather, omni channel techniques are tailored toward finding and courting qualified, inbound leads who have a higher chance of conversion than the “average” consumer. By coordinating offline advertising methods (like TV and radio commercials) with digital content, marketers can create a network for consumers to explore.

Greater Employee Efficiency

Since omni channel marketing efforts focus on quality lead generation, sales professionals will experience greater conversion rates and spend less time on the phone with unproductive prospects. Furthermore, thanks to advancements in omni channel marketing from companies like Advocado, automated services like call tracking and MicroMoment+ enable marketers to identify their most effective work and isolate customer behavior patterns. In addition, MicroMoment+ AdBot will automatically enhance Google Ads based on previous customer behavior and interactions. This leaves your team free to produce their best work possible!

Lowered Advertising Costs

In most instances, businesses need to increase their advertising budget in order to see a correlated boost in sales. With the proper omni channel marketing tools, though, companies can not only enhance their sales numbers, but also cut down on advertising costs at the same time. Omni channel marketing utilizes existing data to guarantee ad-spend efficiency and save your business money.

Better Consumer Engagement & Campaign Development

For many years, marketers struggled to determine exactly how their consumer base felt about their product or service. After all, if you don’t know what your customers want, it’s going to be difficult to market to them effectively. Because omni channel marketing precepts account for consumer preferences, historical behavior, and in-depth data collection, businesses can tailor ads to engage key target demographics and build long-term campaigns with greater efficacy.

Final Thoughts

The best aspect of an omni channel marketing strategy is that, with the right software, implementation is simple and straightforward. (Note, omni channel marketing is simply the logical "next step" in the progression of digital marketing.) At Advocado, it’s our mission to provide businesses with the technology and the support they require to bolster their marketing and advertising efforts and increase revenue. Our solutions are data-driven and tested in the real-world. Contact one of our team members to get started today. Or, for more information, check out this free video presentation here:New call-to-action


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