3 Ways Call Tracking Attribution Will Improve Your Marketing Results

26 February 2018


The secret to every successful marketing campaign is understanding your customer base. Before you can begin to sell someone your product or service, you first have to grasp their needs, wants, and concerns. Figuring out how your customers think is a basic tenant of good business. But it’s also the stage where many companies trip up and make mistakes. The good news is, call tracking can help alleviate those problems and put you closer to the customer than ever before. Through call tracking attribution, you can craft the perfect marketing strategy to boost your results. And here are three ways how:

Close the Marketing/Sales Gap

A typical sale tends to follow a set pattern: the potential customer has a problem. The customer then searches for a solution to that problem online. They then find content relating to that problem in the form of blog posts, advertisements, and web pages. They click on said content, and if they come across a solution that suits their needs, they make a call to that business to purchase a product or service. But there’s a step missing to this tried-and-true formula. How is a business supposed to tell how a customer decided to call their business? Which piece of marketing content secured the call that led to a sale? In years past, companies would have no way of knowing which, if any, of their marketing efforts were generating sales. However, with call tracking attribution, you can now determine exactly what piece of content drove which sales. So you’ll never have to speculate about what’s working and what isn’t –– instead, you’ll know for sure.

Customer Data

Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s habits online with call tracking, you’ll also have access to a bevy of other vital information. When a potential customer makes a call to your small business, call tracking software will immediately upload the caller’s personal information (name, address, phone number, and more) to your records. In addition to providing pertinent info to your sales team, these important tidbits can help you better develop customer profiles and market more effectively in the future.

Sales-Focused Marketing

Too often marketers become obsessed with creating leads. And while it’s obviously beneficial to garner clicks and calls from your marketing content, you should never lose sight of the ultimate goal: sales. At the end of the day, clicks, likes, and phone calls won’t make you any money. That’s why it’s imperative to create a marketing strategy geared toward increasing sales. How can you do that, though? Call tracking, of course. Thanks to innovations in call tracking tech made by Traaqr from Advocado, call tracking software can now go the extra mile and follow a caller’s journey through the entire marketing and sales process. That means call tracking software differentiates calls that ended in sales, from calls that didn’t lead to anything. Equipped with this intel, you can then trace the calls back to their source and optimize the marketing content that’s making you money. At the same time call tracking enables you to alter or scrap your less-successful marketing ventures. In this way you can make –– and save –– more than you ever have in the past.

The Bottom Line

Call tracking attribution can improve the way you market yourself –– period. And if you’re excited about that prospect, contact the Advocado team today. We offer the most comprehensive call-tracking packages available. Plus, you can see what call tracking can do for you just by downloading our free demo here.



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