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3 Lead Tracking Solutions for Every Business

27 April 2018


It’s difficult for businesses to bank on long-term sustainability. After all, the world we live in evolves faster than ever before –– and changes in technology and society as a whole have a big impact on the way we conduct business. However, one way to ensure your company remains viable through both good times and bad is to keep a close eye on your leads. Indeed, staying connected with your leads all the way through the sales process will give you a substantial advantage over your competitors. There’s just one problem: what’s the best way to go about lead tracking? If this sounds like a familiar issue to you, then don’t worry. We’re here to offer three lead tracking solutions that virtually any business can use to their benefit:

Uncover Lead Sources 

The first, and most obvious hurdle to successful lead tracking is determining where your leads come from. To that point, it’s pretty difficult to implement more complex strategies without first identifying where your leads originated. Unfortunately, many businesses never even attempt this first step. They don’t bother connecting their online marketing efforts to their offline sales calls. (We call this process call attribution.) However, because they don’t complete this initial stage, they never see which ads, blog posts, and other pieces of content are driving leads to their site. Instead, they remain in the dark and try and guess at what their leads want. With the right call tracking software, however, you won’t have to guess anymore.

Separate Leads from Sales

Once you’ve determined which ads and pieces of online content get leads to click on your website and enter into sales calls with your employees, the next phase of lead tracking takes us beyond the sales call. It’s natural to assume you don’t need to track leads after they’ve made a call to your company. Note, though, that to do so is to sell yourself short. Thanks to breakthroughs in call tracking technology from companies like Advocado, you can actually view the results of every sales call, and attribute each call (whether successful or not) back to the original piece of content that generated it. In this way you can also explore the difference between qualified leads (who decide to do business with you) and unqualified leads (who don’t).

Using Lead Tracking for Optimization 

The final aspect of this three-pronged lead-tracking solutions plan is using lead tracking data to optimize your marketing efforts. Ultimately, when you decide to implement call tracking software, you’ll use the information gleaned from interactions with leads to better produce content for leads. Makes sense, right? In essence, you get to remove most of the guesswork related to marketing and instead reap the benefits of understanding what your leads want from your business.


Leads are valuable to every business because they have a massive impact on the bottom line. If you’re ready to start prioritizing how your company treats this valuable resource, then contact the Advocado team today. Our call tracking software will give you a greater handle on how your leads react to your marketing content –– and provide you with a game plan to improve it. Need to see some numbers behind these claims? Then check out our case study and learn how Advocado revolutionized the way a company brought in leads and closed on sales.



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