Coordinated multi-screen advertising to increase the ROI of campaigns across Broadcast, OTT, CTV, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon & Google.

Multi-Screen is the New Reality

You know that moment when you’re watching a TV commercial and decide to pick up your smartphone to search or learn more?

Advocado makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during that precise moment (or micro-moment) when they want to know, go, do, or buy something. We do this by coordinating multi-screen campaigns in real-time across Broadcast, OTT, CTV, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon & Google.


Bill McCabe
President & CEO

"The reality is Google doesn’t motivate a search. It simply enables it. No one randomly types in the name of a brand, product or service. It all starts somewhere else. To see the big picture, one must look at these cross-media connections. You need to focus on the synergies, not the divisions, that exist between TV and digital. The more we think about Google as a destination and less as a starting point, the better we’ll understand its connection to television."

Why Google Owes TV a Big Thank You - Eicoff Blog - March 2018

Advocado Activate

How It Works & Actual Outcomes


Step 1

Within 5 seconds of a client’s TV advertisement airing, Advocado Activate knows the creative of the TV ad, the DMA it's running in, the station it’s running on, and its length.


Step 2

Advocado Activate uses this information as a “trigger” that corresponds to specific “actions.” When a trigger is matched, information about the client’s Google Ads account, list of keywords to target, and bidding business logic is retrieved.


Step 3

Advocado Activate connects to the Google Ads API and retrieves both the current keyword bid and the “first position bid” required for the keywords being boosted at that point in time to maximize the micro-moment.

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Step 4

The current bid levels are stored, new bids are calculated based on the returned first position bid information from the Google Ads API.


Step 5

90 seconds after your commercial airs, Advocado Activate restores your Google Ads campaign keywords to previous bids levels.


Step 6

This all happens within the time it takes a consumer to see a commercial, decide they want to learn more and pick up their second device to start searching.

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Increased Engagement

2100% increase in web sessions.


More Leads

300+% increase in leads in an A/B test.


Better Search Campaigns

Continually train the Google audience algorithm.

pie chart

Better Ad Position

24% improvement in average position and 16% increase in search impression share.


Massive data input for Google

212,000 Advocado Activate bid adjustments in just 3 weeks.

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Precision Micro-moments

We perfectly time the start and stop of keyword bid adjustments at the exact micro-moment a viewer engages with a TV ad, to maximize targeted engagement while preserving overall campaign strategy.

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