BVS ad verification for clear, accurate and timely information

Knowing if, where and when campaigns ran makes the true return on investment easier to understand. Gain a clearer understanding of how ad campaigns have performed with our ad verification services.  We’ll confirm whether TV and radio ads ran across 210 U.S. and Canadian markets.


More accurate ROI

In order to know if a campaign has worked, you first need to know if your ads ran as planned.  We can provide confirmation that ads were delivered within minutes of airing, saving advertisers and agencies significant time and effort over calling stations or manually inputting logs.


Informed decisions

With ad verification, advertisers can quickly assess whether campaigns are producing results, assess the overall direction of their campaigns and take action as a result.

Our services enable:

  • Brands and advertisers to understand whether their campaigns are effective
  • Media agencies to gain an important edge in negotiating future media buys
  • Agencies and advertisers to save time and gain efficiencies when monitoring their campaigns

These insights are delivered through advanced all-digital, HD-ready encoding technology, with reports that link directly and conveniently into popular media management software. 


To learn more about Advocado's recent acquisitions of Kantar BVS and 47 VEIL patents, please visit the Advocado Newsroom. 

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